Saturday, February 2, 2008

If McCain wins the nomination, Democrats will have 1½ candidates running for president

There is a good reason why leftist newspapers and pundits are promoting Senator John McCain for the Republican nomination; if McCain wins Democrats will have an acceptable alternative to their party’s candidate in the November election. What could be better than having your opposition agree with you most of the time? Couple that with a Democrat majority in congress and you have the best of all possible liberal worlds.

For any doubters, take a look at this list of McCain’s credentials (courtesy of Rene Guerra):

1. "Paired with Ted 'Chappaquennedy' to introduce the illegal-aliens amnesty bill

2. Joined John Edwards and again with Ted 'Chappaquennedy' in the trial lawyer’s-dream 'Patients Bill of Rights' (By the way, Edwards made his fortune as a tort-trial lawyer.)

3. Paired with Russ Feingold to introduce that infamous free-speech trumping bill

4. Paired with Joe Lieberman to introduce crackpot climate change legislation inspired by Al Gore’s "man made" global warming hoax

5. Opposed Bush’s two tax cuts

6. Supports social security credit for illegal aliens

7. Advocates for full criminal trials for terrorists [in the United States]

8. Wants to close Guantanamo and ship the terrorist guests to mainland prisons [see #7 above]

9. Opposes harsh interrogation techniques, such as dropping water ("water boarding") on the face of manacled Islamo fascist terrorists that wouldn’t hesitate to behead any of us with their own daggers, and are mass murderers of children, women and men for the only "sin" of being Americans [or ‘non Muslims]

10. Joined the Democrats and the rest of the left and Islamo fascists, along with other America’s enemies, venomously excoriating America for the childish hazing at Abu Ghraib by a bunch of childish prison guards

11. Supports stem-cell research on human embryos, which abortionists use as an "altruistic" justification for the murder of babies in gestation via abortion on demand

12. Opposes a marriage amendment to the Constitution

13. Opposes drilling in Alaska and other methods of increasing oil supplies [but favors legislation to ‘reduce’ global warming by drastic curtailment of our quality of life]

14. Considered possibility of being Democrat candidate John Kerry’s VP

15. Called the ads of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth "dishonest and dishonorable"

16. Voted against strict constructionist judges

17. Says Justice Alito and other justices with similar views are "too conservative"

18. Was a prominent member of the infamous ‘Gang of 14’

19. Was involved in the 'Keating-5' ethics scandal [as a supporter and recipient of Keating-the-criminal’s largesse]

20. Is endorsed by the NY Times, [the LA Times too], and the rest of the "mainstream", leftist, media"

Senator John McCain also has a marital background similar to Rudy Giuliani but you would never know it from the leftist press. Rudy was lambasted for his alleged marital infidelity but McCain gets a free ride on this issue (does Bill Clinton come to mind?). McCain himself admits to being a ‘party man’ and and also admits his 1967 marriage to former model Carol Shepp fell apart in 1981 as a consequence of "philandering". A month after his divorce McCain married Cindy Hensley, daughter of a Phoenix beer magnate, and moved to Phoenix where he quickly entered politics and won a House seat in 1982.

John McCain comes from a long line of military men, all of whom, like John, graduated the Naval Academy at or near the bottom of the class. John himself ascribes his poor performance at the Academy as due to being "a party man". Now this self styled ‘party man’ wants to be president but not as a political ‘party man’ true to the ideals of the Republican Party, but as a person who deviates from conservatives principles; why else would he be the darling of the New York Times and a ‘dear’ friend of Hillary Clinton and Teddy Kennedy?

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