Thursday, April 17, 2008

Which is a more serious threat, Islam or liberalism?

Like many people, not liberals of course, I have believed the greatest threat facing the United States is from Islam; more particularly, the Islamic Nazis. However after listening to Rush Limbaugh recently, I am now convinced the greatest threat we face is from liberalism. Of course the Islamic thing is a very real external threat but liberalism will cause destructive fundamental changes in our country and our way of life if we let it and our freedom will not be far behind.

In Limbaugh’s own words: “"I have to tell you guys something. Without question the biggest threat facing this country is liberalism.”

Again, according to Limbaugh, discussing a conversation he had with others:

“I attacked everything that I could think of that the left is doing, and the life, liberty, pursuit of happiness concept, they're not for life, they're not for liberty, they're not for the pursuit of happiness, as I have done, and you have heard. How can they be for life when they're sponsoring and have sponsored and promoted and have promoted abortion as a political objective over the years. Liberty, what liberty? You give these people half the chance and we won't have any. It's happening very slowly and it's happening under a false premise and a false guise, and that is we need to give up some of our liberty as punishment for destroying the planet.”

This caused me to ponder what examples could be given to show the extent of government control of our lives liberals have accomplished in a slow methodical way never envisioned by the likes of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Adams and others. Limbaugh himself gave a number of examples; the list is not complete but you get the idea.

We can start with light bulbs because it is the most recent example. By 2012 we will have to replace light bulbs with “compact fluorescent lamps” (CFL’s). But here are some others provided by Rush Limbaugh. He says of those listed, and I agree, that "... liberals have guilted us into giving up, guilted us into using or banning ...". Most of these things have proven to be not the threat liberals made us believe, “or they've proven to be worse than what we originally were doing, unintended consequences.”

“... prayer, lead paint, low-flow toilets. Freon in air-conditioning, had to get rid of that. Aerosol cans, had to say good-bye to those. Paper bags, we had to go to biodegradable plastic bags, and now we found out those are destructive to the environment, we're going to go back to paper. How about oat bran? We had to get rid of that. We had to stop drinking coffee till we found out, no problem. We had to get rid of aerosol hair spray. They're forcing ethanol on us.”

“Balloons, you may have forgotten this, but there was an effort to ban balloons in certain parts of the country because they ended up in lakes, they ended up in oceans, ended up killing fish. Outdoor lighting at the beach during turtle season, turn 'em off. Cutting trees on your own property, you can't do it. Nuclear power plants, no. Coal mining, targeted. Trans-fats in New York and other places, stop eating them, you can't. Restaurants that serve them will be fined. Had to get rid of coconut oil for popcorn because The Center for Science in the Public Interest said that it added to clogged arteries, later found that it doesn't, but you still can't get popcorn popped in coconut oil. Smoking, of course. We had to get rid of DDT, which has led to untold cases of deadly disease in Africa. Rachel Carson, big heroine here, actually her ban ended up killing millions. Helmets for bikers and skaters and motorcyclists, you have to wear them. We got rid of monkey bars on playgrounds. We got rid of high slides on playgrounds. Too dangerous for the little kiddies. We had to get rid of toy guns, because it taught and trained little kids to use real guns. Seat belts, have to use 'em. If you get caught without using them, you get fined. Car seats for the kids, got to have 'em.”

“Garbage disposals, they tried to ban garbage disposals in North Carolina just a month ago. Can't eat your hamburgers rare, too many carcinogens, gotta cook your meat beyond rare. Firecrackers, of course, bad news. Gotta get rid of diving boards at public swimming pools, too dangerous. Can't play tag in the public schools because it's embarrassing either way you go. Whoever is "it" is it, and that's bad, but nobody, or very few get to be it, and that's bad too. So it's discriminatory. Dodge ball. Can't play dodge ball, it's too dangerous! Kids might get hurt. Can't play touch football, either. It's too rough. Can't eat fois gras because of the way they produce it, and of course guns are under constant attack. Citizen involvement in elections has been reduced, thanks to McCain-Feingold.”

A gullible timid public ignores the incremental loss of rights because each restriction or mandate is accompanied by some compelling slogan: “save the children”, “save the planet”, “save the poor polar bears”, “reduce” some “health problem”, “lessen the cost” of whatever, “protect bicycle and motorcycle riders”, “second hand smoke kills”, and you can add to the list.

Among the worse liberal mandates are those that require us to “respect the feelings of others”, even to the extent of changing our lexicon. We are not to use terms “mom” and “dad” because some children have two mothers or fathers or none at all. Schools are coming under pressure to provide lessons to all children to promote gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender agendas and are required to stack their libraries with books and videos covering their issues. Among the demands are the outlawing of "homophobic" comments by teachers or students in the playground and a requirement for teachers to receive 'diversity training.” Even the word "gay"; once used for something joyful has been tainted so it can no longer be used to simply describe a happy human condition.

Who can disagree with Limbaugh when he says “One of the definitions the left uses for perfection is that nothing that happens in life will ever offend a liberal.”

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