Monday, July 14, 2008

Are internet news sites a better source of information than newspapers?

As someone who finds more receptivity from internet news sites, I admit I may be a bit biased in the answer to this question. However, looking at my local paper, and yours is probably pretty much the same, I see almost all the national news is from the Associated Press and therein lays the problem.

It is almost impossible to find an AP source article that does not have a liberal and/or Democrat Party spin. For example, in Sunday’s paper there is an article with the heading "Obama fully embraces contrasts with McCain." Not only is the heading misleading because Obama has actually shifted to some of McCain’s views, but the body of the article seems as if it were written by an Obama staffer.

Obviously it would be possible to cite numerous AP articles as examples but time and space do not permit so I will stay with this one.

This "news" article (note it is on page 2 not on the opinion page) starts with a paragraph as follows:

"Barack Obama has found something that eluded him during the primary season – contrast. And he’s basking in it."

To emphasize the writer’s point (this AP article is written by Liz Sidoti but she should not be blamed for the newspaper's placement of it), one of the top paragraphs says:

"In McCain, the likely Democrat(ic) nominee faces an opponent who is the opposite of him in every way – an Iraq war backer who supports free market economics, opposes abortion rights and is a Republican. Obama delights in pointing out the differences, and does so often."

So from this we can assume (1) there are no similarities in the views of Obama and McCain; (2) Ms. Sidoti didn’t get the memo where Obama says "mental stress" should not be a reason for abortion and; (3) Obama does not support "free market economics".

Note to Ms. Sidoti and Mr. Obama: the United States IS all about free market economics. Anyone that does not favor a free market and capitalism is in the wrong country and certainly should not be running for president.

But I digress; let’s continue with this AP "news article." How is this for something right out of the Obama campaign book?

Apparently quoting from Obama since the paragraph is in quotes:

"’If you are satisfied with the way things are going now, then vote for John McCain,"’ Obama says before rattling off a list of current concerns, home foreclosures and job losses as the country fights two wars. Then Obama promises ‘fundamental change.’"

Obviously the reader is supposed to assume McCain is somehow responsible for foolish loans taken out by the imprudent, job losses where unemployment is still lower than it was for many years before, and McCain financed the two wars all by himself while Democrats had majorities in both the House and Senate.

I could go on and on but you get the point; the AP article is anything but real news. Obama campaign headquarters could post this article right next to the Che Guerra flag on the wall and it would not be out of place.

If you want real news and opinion commentary clearly labeled as such and don’t know where to go, Google the title of this and other articles on my blog.

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Always On Watch said...

The mainstream media promote a leftist and Islamophilic agenda.

For a period of time after 9/11, the media were in shock and forced to face reality. It seems that 9/11 has been forgotten by the majority now. But not by me!