Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin is the right choice

Judging from the ludicrous attempts by Democrats and their liberal house organs that pass themselves off as the news media, the selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as McCain’s Vice President was a good choice; a very, very, good choice.

Whereas Democrats criticize McCain as “another George Bush”, this cannot be said of Palin. The fact is Governor Palin is more conservative than Bush or McCain and adds conservative substance to the campaign; something sorely lacking by McCain himself. For this reason the news media is striving mightily to discredit Palin in other ways while ignoring her conservative credentials. Democrats know that Americans are far more conservative than liberal so they are not able to criticize Palin’s political views and must resort to their time-honored approach of character assassination.

First there was the smear so outrageous that even Democrat pundits reached for the barf bag when the Daily Kos proclaimed the recently born Down’s syndrome baby was not born to Sarah Palin but to her daughter despite all evidence to the contrary. Then Democrats in the media gleefully reported that Palin’s unmarried daughter is pregnant. As part of the anal examination of Republican candidates, newspapers reported that Palin was behind a firing of a state employee.

Notice that there have been no reports or Democrat criticism of Palin’s views about abortion, a subject about which candidate Barack Obama said “was above his pay grade”, or about her position concerning the need and importance of drilling for oil to solve our nation’s dependency on foreign oil, or Palin’s views about gun ownership; instead the news media hopes highlighting personal matters and partial truths are the way to lessen the appeal of Sarah Palin to the voting public.

Another canard Democrats like to say is that Governor Sarah Plain has no experience to be president. This is the height of absurdity since even Senator Joe Biden, Obama’s VP running mate, raised the same question about Obama; an issue of particular importance for a presidential candidate.

Democrats are running a pair of Senators for President and Vice President. The job of President is the most important executive position in the world and all Democrats have to offer is a one term Senator with about 150 days experience in the senate if you subtract time off to run for president and time in the Illinois assembly where he voted “present” as often as not, and work as a “community activist” supporting radical organizations. Yet Democrats have a nerve to complain about someone who has actual executive experience running a state government on a day-to-day basis.

Senators “deliberate” and vote on laws written by someone else and which for the most part they haven’t even read. Governors like chief executives everywhere have to make decisions daily; senators do not make executive decisions. Therefore all Democrats can do is to try to destroy Sarah Palin in order to advance their liberal political agenda and they have friends in the medial all too willing to help.

John Lott made a survey of news coverage for the two campaigns with some interesting results:

“The announcements of both Joe Biden and Sarah Palin spawned massive amounts of news coverage. A simple Google News search shows that there were 26,572 stories the Saturday that Obama told the country that Biden was his vice presidential pick. McCain's pick of Palin generated 11,293 stories.”

“For Biden, the top ten terms found were: experience (excluding "executive experience") (69 percent), abortion (21 percent), liberal (11 percent), safe (7 percent), long-winded (5 percent), moderate (5 percent), plagiarism (3 percent), gun-control (2 percent), executive experience (2 percent), and exaggerate or exaggerated (dealing with exaggerated claims he made about his college grades and accomplishments that helped end his 1988 race) (1 percent).

For Palin, the top ten were: conservative (49 percent), abortion (44 percent), brother-in-law (picking up claims that she improperly tried to get her ex-brother-in-law fired) (17 percent), corruption and oil (17 percent), risky or risks or risk (16 percent), glass ceiling (13 percent), Quayle (10 percent), exciting (9 percent), inexperience or "lack experience" OR "limited experience" (8 percent), and bold (8 percent).”

It is easy to see why the Democrats and their news media friends do not want to write about the politics of the candidates; a bipartisan publication, The National Journal, found that Biden was the third most liberal member of the Senate in 2007, even more liberal than "socialist" Bernie Sanders from Vermont. Since Obama has the No. 1 liberal ranking, the pair of Democrats running for office is the most liberal presidential ticket ever.

Most of the stories about Biden, 69% mention "experience" and only 2% of the stories mention his lack of executive experience.

In 1988 plagiarism and exaggeration of his credentials were admitted by Biden and he had to forego his attempt to get the Democrat presidential nomination then. Only a few present day articles mention this but spurious charges against Palin make headlines. The governor is called to task for seeking the firing a public safety commissioner because he wouldn’t fire her former brother-in-law but there is almost no mention that the brother-in-law was in trouble for threatening to kill people.

Negative terms were used far more frequently to describe Palin than Biden. For example, Biden was forced to exit the 1988 presidential race because he was involved in plagiarism and exaggerated his college record, but few articles mentioned those issues — only 3 and 1 percent respectively.

John Lott also points out: “Palin was compared to Dan Quayle at about 3 times the rate that Biden's plagiarism issues were raised. With a historic nomination of a woman and one with a better chance of winning than Geraldine Ferraro in 1984, surprisingly about the same share of articles mentioned the "glass ceiling" or "exciting" or "bold" as "Dan Quayle."”

Yes the Democrats are worried now; Republicans have finally managed to “one-up” them and even their news media friends can’t help them this time. Governor Sarah Palin is an outstanding choice for Vice President and I for one think she will likely make a great president if and when the time comes.


Merge Divide said...

If you are going to write about politics, you ahould make an effort to get youir facts straight.
"The Democrats in the media" DID NOT "gleefully report that Palin’s unmarried daughter is pregnant" The Palin family called a press conference in which they revealed Bristol's pregancy to the Lower 48 in order to defend themselves against charges that they were lying.

Additionally newspapers reported accurately that Palin was behind the firing of an Alaska State Safety Commissioner. She did it because she had instructed Moneghan to fire a state cop who was in a custody battle with hger sister, and his investigation of the officer only warranted a 5-day suspension. Then she lied to the Press and the State Legislature, insisting that her office had not tried to influence Moneghan to fire the officer. Her own attorney general's office reported that lie.
This isn't going away. Not only does Palin demonstrate consistently poor judgment, but she is a liar and a hypocrite to boot.

Have fun with your collapsing campaign.

Merge Divide said...