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Why does there need to be a "Palestinian" state? [Part One]

To many the question is almost heretical; especially since it has been the United States policy for a long time as well as the entire world, even Israel. But the truth of the matter is that a separate state for these Arabs would be detrimental to the western world and would assure the destruction of Israel.

The Nazis, and now the American news media, have proven if you tell a lie often enough it is accepted as truth by the masses. The idea of a Palestinian state is national suicide for Israel. Don't believe the lie of a nation for the children of Amalek. Look at the number of missiles and rockets they were firing at Israel daily and what they were importing daily at the Rafiah border with Egypt and tell me you see peace on the horizon with Allah's jihad terrorists?

I was watching a special on PBS about the 6-day war which showed Nasser preaching the annihilation of Israel. He wasn’t just calling for the defeat of Israel; he wanted the complete annihilation of the country and the Jews in it. And yet when I see what Israel was trying to do, defend her borders, and to prevent a complete slaughter, not the destruction of other countries, I realized this was in stark contrast to the Arab countries that wanted to murder Israelis, as many as possible and to completely wipe out Israel and all the Jews within its borders. It is an interesting contrast that all of the "peace" activists can choke on.

A weak Israeli government has resorted to weak rhetoric to try and fool Israelis who desire peace. "On our side there is a unity government that is wiling to reach calm and ready for a Palestinian State in the 1967 borders," said Olmert. Funny, but the Hamas leaders have repeatedly said there is no way they want peace with Israel, nor a state within the ‘67 borders. "We're not fascist criminals but people who want to return to our homeland". What Hamas fails to explain is that the Palestinians consider Tel Aviv to be occupied, and also full of "fascist criminals". No, peace will come only when the Arabs are fully defeated; no peace can exist until one side wins and one side loses; we can only pray it is Israel who wins.

There is not one Jew in Gaza, except for Shalit who they kidnapped, yet the Palestinians still blame all their problems on the Israeli "occupation". If all Jews left Judea and Samaria they would still claim the Palestinians are not free because there are Jews living in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Any honest person must admit that the Palestinian definition of "occupation" is: "As long as there is even one Jew occupying the Jewish homeland they have a right to behave in any deviant manner to expel the Jew from his homeland". Furthermore, as long as the Europeans and others condone this behavior, the Palestinians will continue to build and fire missiles at Israel rather than make a better life for them where they are. Although some people in history have built a state based upon a culture of violence and death, they didn’t last long. If the Palestinians are so enraged that a Jew is living in a Jewish homeland that they can't do anything but kill them, then they don't deserve to have a state.

The birthplace of the Jewish people is the Land of Israel. A significant part of the Hebrew’s long history is recorded in the Bible. Their cultural, religious and national identity was formed in the land now known as Israel and their physical presence has been maintained through the centuries, even after the majority was forced into exile. During the many years of dispersion, the Jewish people never severed nor forgot the bond with the land.

With the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, Jewish independence, lost two thousand years earlier, was reestablished. If people of any nation were exiled to other countries and than years later were able to reclaim their land, the world would support such action and would not consider requiring them to give pieces of the country to the foreigners who are residing there, and under no circumstances would they consider parceling portions of the county to be set up as a separate state for the foreigners. Why should anyone in the world consider doing this very same thing with the land of Israel which has been Jewish land for thousands of years?

Arabs say they are entitled to Jerusalem but Hebrews can prove the validity of Israeli-Jewish existence in Jerusalem. No one can legitimately question Jewish historic claim and affinity to Jerusalem which dates back to the Canaanite period (3000-1200 BC). The re-capture of the old city in 1967 was widely seen by the Israelis and Christians as nothing less than the renewal of God's covenant with the Jews. Jerusalem represents their past and present, a source of religious and cultural continuity without which Israel's very existence could unravel. The hope of returning to Jerusalem has sustained the Jews throughout their dispersion, and centuries of exile have been unable to extinguish it.

Jerusalem was reunited in June 1967, as a result of a war in which the Jordanians attempted to seize the western section of the city. The Jewish Quarter of the Old City, destroyed under Jordanian rule, has been restored, and Israeli citizens are again able to visit their holy places, which had been denied them during the years 1948-1967.

The land of Israel and Jerusalem as its undivided capital for the Jewish people is a historical fact for thousands of years and should remain that way.

The Arabs living in the land of Israel have come from the surrounding Arab countries; they have no right whatsoever to any part of the land of Israel. In the past hundred years many Jews were ejected from Arab countries surrounding the land of Israel, their property, their homes and lands taken by others, mostly Arabs. Those Arabs who want to claim the land of Israel as theirs should go to those Arab countries that kept them in the poverty they live in.

Any part of Israel is not occupied territory; it is legally a Jewish land and has been for thousands of years, no Arab has any right to claim any rights to the land of Israel. The surrounding Arab countries compose of over 100 million people and millions of square miles, why do they have to bother little Israel with its territory about the size of the State of New Jersey. Arabs forced Palestinians into refugee camps, not Israelis; they could be easily assimilated into one or more of those Arab countries. Indeed, many already are in Jordan to the dismay of native Jordanians (if there are any).

Before ending this Part One, it must be said that there is no historical basis for the term ‘Palestinian". When Rome destroyed the Jewish state it commemorated its victory with vast numbers of coins, still available for all to see, that bore symbols of Judea degradation. Rome further antagonized the Jews by calling their land Palestine after the great historical enemy of the Jews, the Philistines. It is simply a historical fact that there was no Palestinian Arab socio-political-cultural distinction in all the twelve centuries since the Arab conquest in the Seventh century and Palestine had no geographical or political distinction. The Arabs of the Land of Israel (Palestine) saw themselves as a part of southern Syria. There is much documentation to prove that the notion of a distinct Palestinian people that deserves a distinct Palestinian state is not only recent but was invented precisely as a ploy to destroy the only Jewish state, see e.g. Julius Stone, 1981 and "A Nation Working Against Itself".

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