Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Will what destroys Israel also destroy the United States?

It is amazing how similar politics in Israel are to politics in the United States. Both countries have so-called liberal and conservative elements; the difference being that Israeli liberal policies will lead to the rapid end of the country and the present neo socialist government in the United States is accomplishing the slow death of the country.

There are people in Israel that even during even the recent war openly supported Hamas. When Israel’s Lieberman suggested to outlaw these parties and their political leaders and asked for a pledge of allegiance to the country, just as in the United States, everybody said of him, "You're a racist, you're a fascist." In America the Pledge of Allegiance is a standard practice but for those who would tear down our country it is merely window dressing and hypocritical. Politicians elected to office swear to “preserve, protect and defend” our Constitution; but the reality is that many support policies and practices that are the antithesis of our constitutional mandates. In this regard, cannot it be said that people like Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are guilty of perjury, or perhaps worse, treason?

Israel believes it has little choice but to respect every American administration and president but not all American administrations and presidents support Israel. The truth is America acts more friendly to Saudi Arabia by catering to its “shiekly” whims and ignoring its ghastly record of abuse and intolerance than to Democratic Israel, the only democracy in that part of the world. The problem is hypocrisy.

The United States also respects what we are told are the representatives of Arabs on the West Bank and in deeds if not words the somewhat more radical Hamas in Gaza. Yet we are supposedly seeking peace for Israel so “Israel and Arabs can live side by side peacefully in two states”; what rubbish! Can a lion and a lamb sit peacefully together; sure until the lion gets hungry.

Americans shouldn’t be fooled about the motives and goals of Hamas notwithstanding the grant of $900 million dollars “to rebuild Gaza following the destruction by Israel”, but they are. Among the conditions of Hamas for forming a Palestinian Authority unity government with Fatah is the abrogation of all agreements with Israel. In an interview with a newspaper in the United Arab Emirates, top Hamas terrorist Mahmoud Al-Zahar said that Hamas would not change its policy on refusing to recognize Israel, even if it works out a unity deal with Fatah. He was quoted as saying: "The Zionist entity is a foreign power that has nothing to do with the land of Palestine and this alien body should get out of our lands." Yet the United States still, wearing rose-colored glasses and ear mufflers, will give a huge sum of money in the erroneous and na├»ve expectation it will go to Gazans and not to Hamas.

Recently Present Obama sought to have anti-Israeli Charles Freeman head a national security agency. But lawmakers who led the successful campaign against the selection of Charles "Chas" Freeman said their concerns always had less to do with his criticisms of Israel than his financial ties to Saudi Arabia and a Chinese oil company with business dealings in Iran even though a better reason could have been his undying enmity for Israel. “There was a steady revelation of financial conflicts of interest involving foreign powers that were troubling," said Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.). Nonetheless Freeman lashed out at his critics in a released statement blaming "the Israel Lobby.”

Quite often in order to cover up the promotion of anti-Israel ideas the press portrays Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton as a "friend of Israel.” Hillary’s current conduct and the comments she made when she was the first lady prove the contrary. Isn’t it time for Israeli leaders and American friends of Israel to stop supporting the anti-Israel policies of their enemies? Self-destructive idiocy and 'politically correct' appeasement harm both Israel and the United States.

Hillary Clinton told children in a televised interview on a Palestinian Authority (PA) TV station, that she hopes to "connect up our two countries." Of course to do this “connecting”, it is the state of Israel that must be divided.

Of course this kind of anti-Israeli lunacy is not confined to Americans. British MP George Galloway donated 100 vehicles and thousands of dollars to Hamas. He dared European and British courts to try him for funding a terrorist group. "If you want to take me to court, I promise you there is no jury in all of Britain who will convict me."

Cuba joined a consortium of Arab countries at a meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council recently to vent their anger against Israel. (Cuba?). They accused the Jewish State of grossly violating the rights of PA children. (It is interesting that countries with the worst Human Rights record make the accusations.)

Just as in the United States, a liberal press in Israel gives cover to anti-Israeli attitudes and heinous acts. Muslims in the city of Hevron given access to the Tomb of the Patriarchs (Maarat HaMachpelah ) recently in honor of the birthday of Mohammed took advantage of the opportunity to desecrate Jewish holy texts, including prayer books and books of Psalms but there was no outrage or condemnation in the Israeli and world press. This kind of desecration of Jewish and Christian places has been going on 'unnoticed' for a long time and meets with deafening silence.

Other atrocities by Muslims also go largely unreported. For example, in Saudi Arabia, a 75-year-old widow was sentenced to 40 whip lashes and three months in prison for having met with two men who were not close family. The two men were bringing her bread. Did you see this in the newspapers?

Americans should realize that if Israel does not survive the Islam onslaught and is destroyed, the United States will not be far behind. As long as people like Barack Obama are placed in charge of our country, our future is dim; the question is only will we be destroyed by socialism or Islam first?

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