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Winning through intimidation

Muslim appeasers seem like some Republicans; though Muslims want to blow up things American, Democrats want to blow up American institutions – when Republicans appease Democrats, as some will in voting to confirm Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, they will behave like Muslim appeasers. Democrats with help from their media house organs intimidate to get their way just as Muslims do.

But as good as Democrats are at the intimidation game, they are nothing compared to Muslims who skillfully use the political correctness tool and outright threats of violence.

Want some examples, how about these:

The Vanderbilt Loews Hotel in Nashville, Tenn., summarily cancelled a meeting scheduled in its facilities by the New English Review, which was to hold a conference called "Understanding the Jihad in Israel, Europe and America" and featuring a video presentation by Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders, Holocaust author Richard L. Rubenstein, Jihadwatch senior analyst Hugh Fitzgerald, "Legacy of Jihad" author Andrew G. Bostom, New English Review Publisher Rebeccca Bynum, Center for the Study of Political Islam Director Bill Warner and Paul "Dave" Gaubatz, a former federal agency who is directing a major research project into activities of Islamic centers in the U.S. that "advocate terrorist acts against U.S. interests."

Hotel Manager Director Tom Negri told WorldNet Daily that the symposium was cancelled by the hotel for the "health, welfare and safety of our guests and team members."

He refused to explain.

The New English Review announced its first annual symposium, 'Understanding the Jihad in Israel, Europe and America,' will be held at a secure, undisclosed location. Loews Vanderbilt Plaza Hotel succumbed to intimidation and cancelled hosting our event."

A 17-minute documentary on the Quran showing images of Islam's holy book together with terror attacks and bombings by Muslim extremists was taken down from a British video-sharing website,, after the organization reported "serious" threats to its staff members.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali who has been a critic of Islam was forced to leave the U.S. because American authorities will not finance her personal security. The Dutch government says that since Ali has been in the States for more than a year, it no longer would pay the expenses for her security. Ali, 37, had been working for the Washington-based think tank American Enterprise Institute since August 2006. As a critic of Islam, she has been living under strict personal security measures provided by the Dutch government since 2004, when her life was threatened by a Muslim radical (Mohammed Bouyeri).

Here in this country syndicated radio talk-show host Michael Savage has had his radio show advertisers threatened by the Counsel on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to force him off the air because of his criticism of radical Muslim activities. CAIR recently issued an announcement that OfficeMax, a leading office products retailer, had joined "a growing list of companies" withdrawing advertising from Savage's program because of his opinions regarding Islam.

CAIR issued an advisory "Call the OfficeMax office headquarters … and when you get an operator, in a polite but firm manner, tell the operator you will no longer shop at OfficeMax until OfficeMax reverses this ill-advised decision (to advertise on the Savage radio show)."

Brigitte Gabriel who leads an organization to call public attention to Muslim anti-American activities (ACT) said "If CAIR can succeed in this effort to silence Michael Savage, consider the chilling effect this will have on every talk radio host in America."

Reacting to an effort by the city council of San Francisco (where the Savage show originates) to censure Savage, he said "This is a dry run against free speech in America by the Islamists and the illegal aliens who are now becoming one and the same. It's the same organizational structure. … I am the target of this dry run. They want to see how far they can get in silencing a voice of freedom in the United States of America. They want to see which, if any, governmental agencies will stop them."

"Guess what they learned so far?" he continued. "That not only will no governmental agency stop them in their attempts to kill free speech, they will aid them in their attempts to kill free speech.”

To show how successful has been the CAIR campaigns for preferred rights of Muslims, The Transportation Security Administration whose mission is to safeguard America's airports – is providing Islamic sensitivity training to 45,000 airport security officers so they'll know what to expect when Muslims fly from the U.S. to Saudi Arabia to participate in the annual "hajj," or pilgrimage to Mecca.

Can you imagine the TSA providing special training to protect Jews and Christians who want to visit the holy land?

Incidentally, not long ago six Muslim imams were ejected by federal authorities from a US Airways flight in Minneapolis because they were deemed a potential security threat. Among the various behaviors that unnerved fellow passengers was the group's prayers in the airport prior to their flight.

This incident of special treatment for Muslims does not stand alone. CAIR has developed a wide-ranging advisory and teaching relationship with government on the subject of protecting Muslim interests. Last year a senior Department of Homeland Security official from Washington personally guided CAIR officials on a behind-the-scenes tour of Customs screening operations at O'Hare International Airport in response to CAIR complaints that Muslim travelers were being unfairly delayed as they entered the U.S. from abroad. During the airport tour CAIR was taken on a walk through the point-of-entry, Customs stations, secondary screening and interview rooms. In addition, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents were asked to describe for CAIR representatives various features of the high-risk passenger lookout system. (Isn’t that just dandy, now Muslims know how we try to protect ourselves from Muslim terrorism.)

By the way, CAIR – which is bankrolled by the Saudis and the United Arab Emirates, two countries that formally recognized the Taliban – also offers religious and cultural sensitivity training about Islam and Muslims to the military. For example, recently CAIR trained more than 300 military personnel at the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, Arizona.

If you aren’t aware of the danger posed to Americans by CAIR, you may be interested to know that CAIR’ chairman, Omar Ahmad, is reported by a California newspaper as saying that "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant," and, "The Koran, (the Muslim book of scripture) should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."

Muslim intimidation takes other forms; they also use law suits for damages to get their way and threaten critics of Islam. The Council on American-Islamic Relations has filed a $1.35 million lawsuit against the founder of a website that accuses CAIR of supporting terrorism, despite the fact that the U.S. government has labeled them an un-indicted co-conspirator in criminal proceedings against terrorists.

CAIR charges statements made by its Internet critic, Anti-CAIR, amount to "libelous defamation." CAIR seeks $1 million in compensatory damages and $350,000 in punitive damages in addition to its legal fees and interest.

This is one of the statements CAIR charges as libel:

"Why oppose CAIR? CAIR has proven links to, and was founded by, Islamic terrorists. CAIR is not in the United States to promote the civil rights of Muslims. CAIR is here to make radical Islam the dominant religion in the United States and convert our country into an Islamic theocracy along the lines of Iran. In addition, CAIR has managed, through the adroit manipulation of the popular media, to present itself as the 'moderate' face of Islam in the United States. CAIR succeeded to the point that the majority of its members are not aware that CAIR actively supports terrorists and terrorist supporting groups and nations. In addition, CAIR receives direct funding from Islamic terrorists supporting countries."

As far as I am aware everything written is true; and truth is a defense to a claim of libel.

Furthermore, last year a member of CAIR's national staff, Randall Todd "Ismail" Royer, was among 11 men indicted for conspiring to train on American soil for a "violent jihad."

Another CAIR official, Bassem Khafagi, was arrested in January 2003 while serving as the group's director of community relations. The previous December, Ghassan Elashi, the founder of CAIR's Texas chapter, was indicted for financial ties to Hamas leader Musa Abu Marzook.

Middle East scholar Daniel Pipes also has been a target of CAIR criticism. Pipes insists there is substance to Anti-CAIR's claims and wonders if the "highly secretive" Muslim group has made a tactical error. The legal proceedings, Pipes noted in a FrontPage Magazine column, open CAIR to the discovery process. For Whitehead to defend himself in court, Pipes wrote, "he is entitled to ask for the production of documents relating to such matters as CAIR's founding, funding, mission, and goals, then to grill persons associated with CAIR."

CAIR is a spin-off of the Islamic Association for Palestine, labeled a "front group" for Hamas by two former heads of the FBI's counterterrorism section. The group's leaders also have provided evidence it has aims beyond civil-rights advocacy.

Here is an example of how Muslims try to get their way through political correctness and threats of violence.

Muslims in Seattle wanted to prevent the appearance of Daniel Pipes who had been invited to an event sponsored by the Jewish Foundation of Greater Seattle at the university’s school of international studies. Calling Pipes a "rabid Muslim/Arab-hater," Jeff Siddiqui of the American Muslims of Puget Sound distributed a letter expressing "profound shock" that Pipes had been invited and urging organizers to cancel the event. "Indeed, it is not unlike having a Nazi speak about the security of the U.S.A., or a KKK member speak about crime," Siddiqui wrote to event organizer Edward Alexander, an English professor at the university.

The Muslim leader suggested that if Alexander did not cancel the speech he should at least send out a letter of contrition for inviting Pipes and allow a 10-minute response by a Muslim.

Pipes had to be escorted into the auditorium by police, who were notified in advance of possible trouble, along with the U.S. Department of Justice.

In the beginning of this article I pointed out how Muslim intimidation and other tactics were similar to those employed by Democrats and other liberals. Examples of Muslim activities bring to mind efforts to stifle criticism of Obama and his socialist programs such as attempts to re-impose the unfair “Fairness doctrine”, threats by Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs to be “careful” about criticizing Sonia Sotomayor and attempt to label Obama critics as “racists,” to name just a few.

Opponents of Obama’s efforts to destroy American institutions, traditions and constitutional safeguards against the federal government should be met by committed freedom lovers in and out of government, not by wishy-washy appeasers as those who fail to respond to the clear and present danger of Islam and the Obama administration.

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