Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Appeasement Loses; Psychology of Defeat Wins

During the past decade the civilized world has experienced the same Islamic threat to survival that it was exposed to centuries ago, but the danger of destruction and success of the insane ideology is substantially greater. No longer do the Islamists just use scepters and knives to kill and enslave disagreeable Muslims and non Muslims, they now have advanced arms and human bombs, with weapons of mass destruction looming on the horizon.

Much of the world struggles with the question of how to defeat Islamic tyranny, while others insist on ignoring the lessons of history and try to mollify Islam with appeasement in one form or another. Appeasement doesn’t work; world history is replete with examples. No amount of appeasing Hitler prevented world war and the holocaust. Giving in to Stalin’s quest for communist world domination didn’t stop the expansion of communist ideology and enslavement of large numbers of people. Appeasement by ignoring brutal treatment in Southeast Asia only led to killing of millions of people just as it has in Africa. And appeasing Castro by failing to assist brave men who sought to overthrow his dictatorship has left an entire country of people who don’t remember what it would be like to live in freedom. The only means of resisting and overcoming tyranny in any form is to apply enough force to eradicate it. Appeasement always encourages violence and instills more confidence in the tyrant to take bolder and bolder action. In the world today, that ‘tyrant’ is Islam.

Just like the Nazis and communists, Islamic activists think concessions and good will gestures are signs of weakness, and they have only contempt for the appeasers. Hitler bombed Britain after Chamberlain brought home his ‘peace treaty’, conceding Eastern Europe to Stalin didn’t stop the Soviet Union from trying to expand their domination over other countries and peoples, and most importantly, appeasement only encouraged them to intimidate the world, just as the murdering Islamists do now.

In today’s world, Islamic Fascists practice intimidation through terrorism. Their barbaric acts are so heinous that peaceful people become afraid; fearful of taking any action that would ‘offend’ the terrorists. Not long ago liberals were wondering aloud, “what have we done to make them hate us?” Another response to Muslim violence in the liberal media was, and still is in France, (before Sarkozy?), for example, “We marginalize the Muslims and prevent them from becoming a part of our society”, or, “Muslims are discriminated against, that’s why they behave as they do”. These, attempts at explanations for violent behavior, and many other hand-wringing excuses given for Muslim actions, are do-gooders’ efforts to take the blame themselves for the Muslim’s atrocious acts.

A look at history suggests how Islamic fascism can be overcome; we must intimidate the intimidators. The evil ambitions of Japan were conquered by using the atomic bomb. This showed the Japanese they could not win the war they started, and the Japanese war-like spirit was broken. Similarly, overwhelming force and destruction of Germany and the Nazi war machine made them face the reality that they could not win the war.

Israel has historically taken this approach in combating Muslim terrorists and terrorism. We can only hope, for their sake and ours, that they do not change course now. If Israel has not yet succeeded, it is because the United States and the Western World have not allowed them to take the necessary actions to intimidate the intimidators by all means possible. In his autobiography ‘Warrior’, Ariel Sharon said that after a career as a soldier fighting for Israel’s survival, he came to the conclusion that it is necessary to deal with the Arab terrorists in a profound way. In Sharon’s view:

“The objective (was) not simply retaliation or even deterrence in the usual sense. It was to create in the Arabs a psychology of defeat, to beat them every time and to beat them so decisively that they would develop the conviction they could never win.”

Clearly, this is the anti-dote for Islamic tyranny. The civilized world must create a psychology of defeat in the Muslim mind so they believe they cannot win the war of terror, nothing else will work. In order to do this we cannot tolerate appeasement, we cannot ask for forgiveness when Muslims scream that they are offended, we cannot give in to intimidation by giving up freedom of the press, we cannot give Muslims special treatment not accorded to others, we cannot allow any action by Muslims that threatens us, or potentially threatens us. Muslim children should not be able to bring knives to school because it is related to their religion, nor should Muslims be able to conceal their appearance in public documents by wearing Burkas. Muslims and their Imams should not be able to spout seditious oratory, nor should they be able to rail against our values and incite violence. Giving Muslims rights others don’t have, or making excuses for their behavior, as is especially being done now by our media, some of our Congressional members and University professors, merely emboldens them to further extreme actions, ultimately leading to force and violence to further their cause of national domination, and a world-wide Caliphate.

Instead of appeasement, freedom lovers the world over must crush violent Muslim practitioners and adherents to an insane ideology. If the planet Earth were threatened by war-like aliens from another world, all of us would come together to resist the invasion and keep the world free. We must do the same now; resist Muslim world domination by all means possible! Our lives, and the lives of posterity, depend on it.

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