Friday, August 24, 2007

Do you feel safer?

After recent headlines in several newspapers, I was encouraged not to worry about Islamic terror in the United States; that is until I actually read the articles. Headlines such as “Muslim support for attacks fade” and “Global poll: Muslims reject suicide bombing” certainly are intended to reassure Americans and others that everything is right with the world again; but in reality they are really the work of politically correct ‘spin meisters’ at their worse.

These ‘news’ articles report hopeful changes in Muslim thought in “A wide-ranging survey of international attitudes in 47 countries by the Pew Research Center …”, in which we are told “that in many countries support for suicide attacks has declined” along with support for Osama bin-Laden.

According to the politically correct interpretation of the Pew report, large numbers of Muslims in the Middle East, and in particular “ten mainly Muslims countries, the Palestinian territories, as well as five African countries with large Muslim populations”, have forsaken murder-by-suicide to attain paradise and Islamic world domination. In reality however, the survey reveals support for suicide bombings “has dropped to 23%”. Well now isn’t that special; with a world Muslim population of one and a half billion, only 23% support suicide bombings. Are we supposed to be comforted that only 345 million Muslims are willing to blow themselves up to kill innocent people?

World travelers among us may want to take notice that 34% of Lebanese, 9% Pakistanis, and 70% Palestinians support suicide bombing (with a “sampling error of 2 to 4 percentage points”). In another survey, 36% of Muslims in France, 31% of Spanish Muslims, 30% of British Muslims, and 17% of German Muslims, believe violence in support of Islam is justified.

Are we safer in the United States? According to another Pew research poll, 26% of Muslims between the age of 18 and 29 believe suicide bombing is justified in “at least in some circumstances” and 5% of all American Muslims had a favorable view of Al Qaeda. With the Pew estimate of 2.35 million Muslims in the United States, there are over 300,000 Muslims who support suicide bombings and 117,500 who support Al Qaeda.

The Pew survey also found that young adult Muslims are more likely to attend Mosque services where they receive Imam-inspired empathy for radicalism foolishly tolerated by Western Societies. Although younger Muslims are less likely to pray, they are inculcated with Jihad in Saudi-supported Mosques and typically consider themselves as Muslims first before Americans.

Of course most of the Muslim animosity is directed at the Jewish community. A poll conducted by The Guardian in England found that 47% of British Muslims said that they would consider killing Israelis as suicide bombers if they lived in the ‘Palestine Territories’ and “more than one in ten said further terror attacks on the United States would be justified”. If you are wondering why so many Muslims have such views, you can begin by considering the continuing inflammatory misreporting and lies about the Israeli-Palestine conflict by the news media, the favorable reporting of the Palestinian effort ‘to arrive at a peace plan’ without giving up violence against Israelis, “seductive good news by the endless propaganda of the Arab cause” (British commentator Peter Hitchens), the biased reporting in the news media (for example, CNN who equated suicide bombing ‘Martyrs’ with Christian Youth Groups), and pronouncements by Hamas-fan and Nobel Prize Winner – Jimmy Carter.

News articles are spun furiously to find an acceptable angle to present the information that Muslim Americans see “a conflict between being a devout Muslim and living in a modern society” (approximately 752,000 Muslims seeing this “conflict”). The mainstream media often reports ‘good news’ about changing Muslim attitudes when they find some basis to do so; hopefully their view of the Pew report is true and that ‘improvements’ in Muslim attitudes are a new wave of Muslim thought. But even if this is the case, America and the world already have enough potential suicide bombers to kill a lot of people; do we have enough time for changes in Muslim attitudes about suicide bombing to rid the world of terrorism?

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