Sunday, January 6, 2008

Some things I think I think

There are many things I don't understand, here are a few"

  • In some states killing a pregnant woman results in a charge of ‘two’ murders; in other words two people were killed. Yet in the case of abortion, the pregnant woman isn’t carrying a ‘person’; it’s called a ‘fetus’ and destroying it is not murder, hmm.
  • In some states, e.g. California, an 18 year old can’t use a cell phone in a car, can’t buy cigarettes, can’t buy liquor; but he can vote and go to war and risk being killed, hmm.
  • Some people and their friendly judges have no problem protecting whales, insects, rodents and birds, but care not a whit about protecting our country and the people in it, hmm.

There is something inherently wrong with a news channel deciding for the rest of us who is, and who is not, a presidential candidate; especially this early in the primary season. This could be expected of CNN and MSNBC, but Fox?

I think it is ‘funny’ that any sort of weather from unusual cold to droughts to hot spells to hurricanes (either more or fewer), can be all attributed to ‘global warming’ and by using ethanol in cars and compact fluorescent lamps in place of incandescent bulbs we can reverse ‘global warming’.

Statistics show that for 1980, during the term of President Jimmy Carter, there were 2,392 US military fatalities. In 2006 there were 920 military deaths in Iraq. Yet, the Democrat mantra is to vote for them and take the troops out of Iraq and out of harms way. How come nobody complained during Jimmy’s term of office about military deaths under this “amazing” president who gave away Iran to Islamic radicals and the Panama Canal to the Chinese?

Steve Frank wrote “To radical anti-religious bigots even silence is considered a religious experience--no wonder they never shut up”. Our Declaration of Independence says that “man is endowed by his creator… ”; our nation was founded on prayer and belief in a Supreme Being. To deny this is untruthful and puts such people in the same category as those that deny the holocaust. If teachers tell students that even thinking about the Lord is against public policy, it makes them believe that belief in the Lord is wrong, since their teachers told them so - shame on them.

We learned a lot from the ‘Iowa Caucus’; among which is that we seem to let a few over 200,000 Iowans tell the rest of the country who is going to win the presidential nomination of each party; that is until we let the people in New Hampshire tell us otherwise. We also learned that even some liberals really can’t stand Hillary Clinton and Oprah is more important than Bill Clinton when it comes to endorsing a candidate. We also learned, unfortunately, that far too many Evangelical Christians are irrational in their voting preferences.

Speaking of Hillary, and who cannot, it is really incredible that all Americans can’t seem to accept what a lying and dishonest person Hillary Clinton - or whatever she calls herself these days - is. Even though the liberal news media tries to cover up for her and spin the news in her favor, enough truth gets out to convince even the most die-hard of socialists they are better off supporting Putin or Soros than this witch.

The assassination of Benazir Bhutto shows Islamic "democracy" includes assassinations of opponents. This is another example of how duality works in Islam. Islam does not copy anything from the westerner without aiding Islam. Muslims use the same words such as democracy and peace, but under Islam these words have opposite meanings; to Muslims ‘democracy’ means winning for Allah at any price. Islamic women's rights include beatings; Islamic peace includes killing women and anyone that stands between you and Islamic theocracy. We are self destructive fools if we don’t recognize Islam for what it is; “a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing” (with apologies to Shakespeare).

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Ben McCall said...

Enjoyable read. And blatantly truthful.