Saturday, May 17, 2008

“These are the times that try men’s souls”

To use an old manner of description, the American elite are "to smart by half". It is absolutely incredible how much damage to an otherwise thriving society can be accomplished by a small group of elitists who consider themselves smarter than everyone else and therefore able to dictate to others what is best for them. Of course they don’t do this alone, it is fortuitous for them that almost all propaganda machinery is operated by those captivated by elitists and certain in the belief it is their mission to spread the word and convince the rest that the particular elitist theory of the day prevails among the populace.

We can see this in the modern era as one perpetrated hoax after another taking hold in the manner new religions were spread and adopted. There is no room for disagreement with the premise of the hoax and those who persist are ridiculed and banished from their livelihoods, or worse. So it is with the religion of global warming; the modern day replacement for earlier ideologies seeking to bring down successful societies, to "level the playing field" so to speak to assure the axiom that misery loves company comes to pass. Why should one country succeed in establishing a comfortable living for their population when the world is full of hapless souls laboring under regimes incapable of equaling that success? In these times and for the recent past the United States has been envied by less successful peoples so it is better in the view of socialist thinking to lower the standard of the successful to the level of the unsuccessful. History is full of failed communistic and socialistic societies that chose the road of the "common good" instead of rewarding achievement and successful individualism.

Proponents of the new religion of global warming must rely on faith because there is no scientific basis for their beliefs. Relying on faith is in itself not a bad thing; indeed many real religions require adherents to do the same thing. However what is particularly insidious about this "religion" is that it leaves no room for other beliefs, much like Islam. But instead of decapitation of non believers, global warming purists inflict their religion on others by use of laws and governments to achieve what reason and logic cannot. They not so much create converts; they create subjects. But like royalty of old the leaders of the "faith" preach "do as I say, not as I do." Amazingly those who want us to live in a lesser state continue their lives in huge energy-consuming houses and lifestyles without as much as a peep from the masses they rule over.

Despite reams and reams of scientific data and increasing numbers of real science experts denouncing the idea that mere humans can accomplish earthly changes in climate, politician after politician continue to promote policies that will cause irreparable harm to the people they seek to put them in office. This has degenerated to such a low point that we are assured our next national leader will further the aims of the zealots who insist we must conform to the new religion. Unfortunately once the new philosophy is enshrined into law, there is no way to reverse the direction and repair the harm that will be done. We will all be using compact fluorescent bulbs, pay increasing costs for oil, gasoline and electricity, and higher prices for basic necessities. Our dependence on oil from countries committed to our destruction will continue and proven technologies and practices that would give the United States energy independence will be ignored to assuage those that place insects, lizards and rodents ahead of people.

The history of peoples of the world is replete with examples of destruction of successful societies from within. That is exactly what is happening to the United States now. We have people in this country seemingly committed to destroying America but who profess to be patriotic "we support our troops but not the war"; how ridiculous. We have highly placed leaders and past leaders who unreasonably criticize our government both in and out of the country. We have a candidate for president who aligns himself with those who damn our country and who have committed acts of terrorism against out country, and who disrespects our nation’s flag and pledge of allegiance, while a sycophant press ignores, or worse, excuses such behavior. And we have a large number of citizens ready to elect such a person to lead our country.

These are times that not only "try men’s souls", but may lead to an apocalypse, not in religious terms but in the every day lives of us all.

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