Friday, May 30, 2008

Carbon credits markets open for business, and there is big money to be made

The carbon credit scam is in full advance around the world and that means there are trillions of dollars to be made. Finally the real reason for the new religion founded by Al Gore is becoming apparent even to those who have refused to see the truth and follow blindly into the man-made global warming abyss.

Despite warnings by scientists throughout the world, 31,000 at last count, a gullible public led by devious politicians genuflects at the alter of global warming preachers. People throughout the world have bought into the most incredible scam since Lenin and his brethren sold the religion of communism paid for by the blood of millions in his country and elsewhere.

In the United States we are about to have lifestyle-changing laws imposed upon us so that enormous amounts of money can be made by perpetrators of the hoax and Americans accept the outcome without so much as a whimper. When the Lieberman-Warner bill and others already in the congressional hopper are passed through the legislature and signed by whoever becomes the next president, all the sheep can do is pray for justice in the next world because there will be none in this one.

Recent reports that Canada has newly opened a cap and trade carbon credit market, joining other countries that have opened shop in Europe and the United States, reveals a glimpse of the world to come. Under the premise of giving polluters a chance to buy and sell carbon credits, Canada is providing their country’s first emissions-trading market. The TSX Group Inc. has launched the Montreal Climate Exchange to give polluters a place to buy and sell carbon credits. Since Canada is a country that's a big emitter, the market potential is very large.

The world’s best current day opportunity to throw off Mid East oil shackles is the Canadian tar sands and oil production in British Columbia is a major “emitter”. This industry alone will have to buy carbon credits that will earn for the hoax perpetrators amounts of money to be envied by even the fat cat sheiks of Arabia. Luc Betrand, the deputy chief executive officer of TSX Group and the head of the company's Montreal-based derivatives operations said in a good example of understatement "Our sense is this is going to be a very important market in Canada. You can see the size of the market when you look at the tons of carbon dioxide that we emit."

Carbon credits trading is a growing business around the world as more countries limit the amount of pollution that companies can produce. Companies that emit less than they are allowed by law can earn credits that they can sell to companies that pollute too much. Exchanges similar to the newly opened exchange in Montreal are up and running in Europe and the United States. The global market for carbon credits could reach €2-trillion by 2020 ($32-trillion U.S. dollars) from about €46-billion ($72 billion) this year, according to Oslo-based forecaster Point Carbon. That’s a lot of money even for those in congress who are accustomed to giving a way billions of dollars every year.

So as you line up to buy the last remaining incandescent light bulbs and tickets to see the “Inconvenient Truth”, you can be content in the knowledge that you are helping to support Al Gore’s 25,000 square foot mansion and providing an opportunity for the global warming crowd to live the high life. History is full of examples of sheep being led to slaughter, but none on such a grand scale as we have today.

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