Sunday, June 1, 2008

The greatest threat to freedom since communism

"The largest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy and prosperity," warns Czech President Vaclav Klaus, "is no longer socialism. It is, instead, the ambitious, arrogant, unscrupulous ideology of environmentalism."

Why does it take someone from Czechoslovakia to express the obvious; are there no sensible people left in congress? Rush Limbaugh calls them "environmental communists"; no wonder Vaclav Klaus recognizes these people for what they are after having lived under the yoke of communism for so long. Do Americans have to live under the American version of communism such as pronounced by Barack Obama and John McCain (insofar as his acceptance of the global warming premise is concerned) before they wake up to what is at stake here? If so, heaven help us.

On the basis of speculation alone and without actual scientific evidence, environmental activists, supported by some purporting to be scientists but who live on the dole from government in return for preaching the prescribed orthodoxy, and opportunistic politicians and business men, are advocating radical economic and social regulation.

If you doubt their arrogance, you haven't seen articles such as appeared in Newsweek that declared the global warming debate is over. It requires religious fervor to believe that global warming, which is unsupported by scientific evidence and is more complex than made out to be, is a closed issue despite over 31,000 scientists who believe to the contrary.

Why is it declared closed; because by declaring it closed all skeptics are dismissed and multi-national mega businesses can profit enormously from legislation based on this hoax wending its way through congress even now. But worst of all, it also greatly re-empowers the intellectual left and gives mega profits to big business. (See my article "Carbon credit markets open for business, and there is big money to be made.")

For decades an unscrupulous devious, arrogant, elite class of social planners, scientists, intellectuals, self proclaimed experts and their left-wing political allies and their accomplices in the press took upon themselves the right to rule by dictate either in the name of the oppressed working class (communism) or, in its more acceptable form (socialism). They did this by virtue of their self attributed superior high intelligence and a phony desire to achieve social progress by means of state planning using their knowledge of "what is best" for the rest of us.

In the recent past under Ronald Reagan and Madam Thatcher of England communism and socialism were regulated to the dust heap of failed political systems in history; we thought they died and were buried forever, how little did we know that like a Phoenix they would rise from the dead. The intellectual left has been handed a gift and their ultimate salvation: environmentalism. Under this new religion experts will regulate your life not in the name of communism or socialism but in the name of saving the planet from the excesses of mankind’s comfortable living. Why should a few benefit from their ingenuity and hard work when so many around the world don’t?

Al Gore, the first prominent high priest of the new religion, gave us the "roadmap to the environmentalist’s salvation of the world." The answer to saving plane earth was patently obvious, since all of life’s luxuries are the product of "greenhouse gas emissions", the leading one being carbon dioxide (CO2), we must have, what Charles Krauthammer labeled "carbon chastity". To accomplish this condition, legislation has been introduced and will likely be passed (unless the public wakes from its slumber) that will tell you how your car will be fueled, what kind of light bulbs you can and cannot have, and how much more you will have to pay for the privilege of having electricity and heat for your home.

If you don’t believe the extremes to which governments will go, look at what Krauthammer reported "…[there is] a British parliamentary committee proposal that every citizen be required to carry a carbon card that must be presented, under penalty of law, when buying gasoline, taking an airplane or using electricity. The card contains your yearly carbon ration to be drawn down with every purchase, every trip, every swipe".

Americans rose up in arms at the prospect of granting illegal aliens’ amnesty and citizenship, the present threat is even more dangerous because it cannot be undone and will last our lifetimes. We must therefore mount a greater effort to challenge congress and whoever is the next president to not inflict this cure which is worse than the disease on us.


Anonymous said...

...are there no sensible people left in congress?

I don't think there are any sensible politicians left in any congress/parliament in the West. (Were there ever?)

Terrific blog, btw! Glad I came across you via here.

S> said...

I have to say this is by far a very well informed, well written passage of truth, and as I sit here in America, now even a foreign land to myself. I have been drawn towards topics of many topics reguarding our government for going on 12 years now, and being 28, you can see thats close to half of my life. I didn't come to know the truths of our country until right at a year ago, when I left my stress filled life of have to have's and moved to California to see just how mentally cut off people are here in the united states. I dont think for the most part a conversation can exist beyond an 8th grade level, and I find myself preaching to a wall of huh's and well what can we do about its... I'm American born Europe raised and American returned, due to my parents. I always loved what america stood for, however I see now today it stood for deception, lies, counterfit reality, and comunism on a rare plane. I can not see freedom from beyond the strict limitations, they keep your mind so busy and stressed socialism can not occur, your free thinking is oppressed and life seems a motionless loop to nowhere. People here struggle, to eat, to work, to have a family that cares, they cry and no one hears them, and they beg to be heard, yet we line the pockets of those not in our favor, and skim the leftovers of democracy off the left and the right's billion dollar plates. If we are so equal, then why is it we have people in office meant to help us, whom have pockets filled with billions of dollars, yet no health care reform, no right to education beyond the 12th grade, and no freedoms to speak out, or record the current? I suppose I am sick to my stomach of even researching the history here within, but I keep looking and so strangely enough I continue to find, facts underlying all the presumptioness thoughts, we are told to ignore. Buy green is the biggest joke to put more cash in pockets of the elite, Go blue-ray, blue tooth, google, Microsoft, Yahoo, MSN, and not to mention Ford, and general motors which have been tied to allies against our nation for decades, as with the Bush family as well. Then a unknown treaty with China stating we control and have control over the Red and the outer islands. It would almost seem as if perhaps the reason we are falling is, because they are rising, and in plain Text it states they are the most deemed most favorable of immigrants if they continue to move forward in their economy. I suppose one day the US has to run out of tree's to make money on, because the hate spreading, and devious greenback god, which people follow over here can only have power so long. I am seriously thinking of relocating to another country, since it seems that no longer can I feel safe, in the label the true american. Perhaps on the day I see the illegal immigrants running back toward mexico, I can stand up and laugh, its so bad that even those that risked their lives to come here, will risk their lives to leave.
What can one person do, to change the minds of the controlled, where do I start if it is possible? I keep hearing New world order, much as like the world spoken of by Adolf Hitler himself. I read up on science today and the Carbon in the ocean just doesnt seem the logical way. for every thing we "dump" into the eco system we recieve dumped into our lawns, cause and effect theory has been long forgotten, and here I dont think common sence has any of the latter. Perhaps the Iron in the ocean might work, if it were to react correctly, however, one must take into consideration, what other elements, molecules, atoms, and compounds might be found in the ocean on any given day. I could forsee the lack of intellegence these days, causing some kind of chaotic energy by iron, petroleium, phospherous (salt) And chloride... all of which are found in the ocean... at any given time. We could have a sea of poisonous gas, a nerve agent close to the one of the world war 2 in Hiroshima, or a liquid energy that goes beyond the laws of relativity. Cosmic power is no joke, energy and vibrations are serious business, the very compound that forms us, doesnt make any of us the same, so Please if your out there reading, understand, just because I like some others here sit under the colors of the red white and blue, gazing up at the stars in great hopes of change, that I have forgotten to care, or want change, some of us just dont have a microphone loud enough....
Thanks again for a lovely post, I look forward to any new insight that is positive, or corrective in critique and help to he solution of change.