Monday, June 16, 2008

Advice for John McCain

John McCain’s attempt to become president of the United States is a sadly woeful exercise. Although simply not being Obama is a strong incentive for voters to elect him, there is much, much more McCain can do to assure victory in November. Here is one suggestion for the erstwhile Republican candidate.

High gasoline prices have replaced almost all issues in the minds of most voters. Every time people have to visit the gas pump they are reminded about how angry they are that the price of gas goes up virtually daily. Of course Democrats would blame the oil companies for this but increasingly many drivers are recognizing that “windfall oil company profits” are not the reason. Exxon Mobil recently announced it was getting out of the gasoline station business because it wasn’t profitable anymore. Anyone with half of a brain will realize that at least this oil company recognizes selling gasoline to hapless drivers is not the way to add to their “exorbitant” earnings. If profits from gasoline sales were worthwhile, Exxon Mobil would surely stay in that business.

Even the simplest minded of the electorate will finally understand there are other reasons why buying gasoline is making their budgets out of whack. The high price of oil which leads to the high price of gasoline is clearly the culprit in this non mystery. Therefore our glorious Republican candidate can reach the entire public with a single message: we need to drill for more oil.

Democrats and environmental socialists bent on destroying the American economy, willfully or by sheer ignorance, have blocked all efforts to increase domestic oil supplies and this puts us at the mercy of oil producing countries who, to put it mildly, are our damn enemies.

There are many traditional ways to add to our oil supplies and some untraditional ones too. But at the very least drilling for oil now is one way nearly everyone can understand. While we deprive ourselves of access to oil in our continental shelf, Cuba and China, not being handicapped like the anti-Americans in our midst, are already undertaking efforts to tap this oil resource, and there is reason to believe by using slant drilling techniques they will also access oil rightfully ours.

In every campaign speech John McCain should be reminding people that it is the Democrats that are causing them to reach deeper and deeper into their pockets every time they fill up their gas tanks. McCain should say he has a plan to bring oil and gasoline prices down by demanding change in the law to permit oil exploration and drilling wherever possible. He should also remind voters that Republicans have been trying to allow oil drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR) since the 1990’s and it was the Democrats who prevented us from getting an additional one million barrels of oil a day. But for the Democrat unreasonable objections, that oil would be on stream now and giving us some relief from the need to pay the oil sheiks in Arabia and the idiot in Venezuela.

Senator McCain, take a break from shooting your campaign in the foot; there is no need to try to outdo Democrats by telling folks how hard you will come down on oil companies; just tell them you are committed to lowering gasoline prices so they can continue to commute to work, take their kids to school and do their shopping without breaking the bank.

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