Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Will political correctness destroy America?

Many nations have been destroyed by foreign invaders ands some empires have self destructed from within. Rome is an example of both and the Soviet Union and Russia are examples of the latter. But no nation in history has yet self destructed because its citizens invited enemies to do the destruction; no nation that is until now when "political correctness" has planted the seeds of self annihilation.

What is political correctness?

Political Correctness (PC) is acceptance of the notion that particular ideas, expressions and behavior, previously legal and acceptable, should be forbidden, first by the public at large and then by law. PC requires that people who transgress what is politically correct should be punished in some way and/or have their rights curtailed. PC started slowly by a few but grew in popularity until it became unwritten law within the country; eventually being confirmed as law by the judicial system. Those who are publicly declared as being not politically correct become the object of persecution by the news media, if not prosecution by the state.

The rationale of the tyranny of political correctness is to prevent people being offended; to compel everyone to avoid using words or behavior that may upset homosexuals, women, non-whites, the crippled, the less smart, the fat or the ugly, and lately, Muslims. The values held by the previous generation (e.g. those who fought in WWII), have become taboo, similar to rejection by children of their parents’ sense of right and wrong and akin to an act of infantile rebellion. However, what is a childish rejection of their parents’ ideas has become revered by the new generation. One can say that political correctness is merely the resentment of spoiled children directed against their parents’ values, but with horrible long lasting affect. Sadly, today political correctness may be a source of destruction of western civilization by Islam whose acolytes have seized upon it as a weapon to destroy freedom and democracy.

Political correctness is causing government action and inaction that detrimentally affects American security and freedom. Recently I had the good fortune to hear Brigitte Gabriel, founder of Action for America Brigitte wrote a New York Times best seller, "Because They Hate", which chronicles the way Muslims use political correctness in host countries, including the United States, to subvert freedom, liberty and ultimately security of western civilization in the name of Islam. The goal of followers of Islam is to have all people of the world under Sharia law and Islamic theocracies.

Brigitte Gabriel believes, and I hope she is right, that patriotic Americans are tired of journalists and leftists "putting our country down, standing up for our enemy, and all the while sabotaging our government who has been doing everything in its power to protect us and disrespecting our soldiers who are putting their lives on the line."

"The disdain, ridicule, and extreme posturing from the far left and some Congressional committee members toward General Petraeus during his Iraq report to Congress in September 2007 were typical of the uninformed position of the blind left. The whole performance was disgraceful to our country and helpful to our enemy."

The idea that Islam is a "Religion of Peace" would be merely comical but for the stakes involved in underestimating the evil power of Islam. Incredibly, despite mounting evidence to the contrary around the world, there are Americans who are unable or unwilling to recognize the threat Islam presents, not just so-called "radical Islam", but Islam in its entirety.

Many, whether merely naïve or rigid followers of political correctness, continue to claim Islam is moderate, tolerant and peaceful, and that the religion "has been hijacked by extremists". These people ignore the repeated calls for "jihad" and holy war coming from mosques around the world and the Imams who preach the mantra to kill enemies of Islam. As Brigitte Gabriel says, "They refuse to accept that in the Muslim world, extreme is mainstream."

Followers of political correctness accept the special preferences given to Muslims "to practice their religion" in schools and other public places. Do you think that if Christians or Jews said they needed footbaths in airports, time off work and school to pray five times a day, pressured businesses to eliminate ‘piggy banks, insisted on taking pork off menus, insisted on abolishing any written parody of Mohammad, or criticism of Islam in print in books, etc, that the country would submit to these absurd demands?

Around the world freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, is threatened in the name of political correctness for fear of offending Muslims. Of course, there is a practical side to caving in to Muslim demands; the real threat of violence and worse is ever present if Muslims don’t get what they want. It is incomprehensible that legitimate authorities are reluctant to take all necessary action to suppress Muslim mob behavior. Why, for example, does France put up with nightly burnings of vehicles and areas of Paris where police will not enter for fear of injury? Why are we in the United States unwilling to quell the hate speech coming out of the thousands of Saudi-financed mosques in our country and deport or jail all who preach such venom?

Political correctness has ceased to be merely the butt of jokes; it is a serious weapon in the hands of Muslims and they must be disarmed.

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