Monday, June 9, 2008

Is your time up; or rather, when should it be up?

Is your time up; or rather, when should your time be up? That’s the question environmental socialists are asking as they advance the communism substitute; a global warming agenda.

Recently WND writer Bob Unruh called attention to a website created by the Australian Broadcasting Network that will tell you when you should die based upon the amount of damage you are causing to our planet and how much of the world’s resources you use. If you are not thrifty enough with what Mother Nature offers, your time on earth should be less than those more frugal than you.

The web site is named “The PlanetSlayer” site. The Australian version of ABC calls it the "first irreverent environmental website." According to "Professor Schpinkee's greenhouse calculator," a user can determine when he or she should die, based on their lifestyle and consumption of resources.

To accommodate the child-like mind of users of the site, and the site’s creators, the "calculator" is made to be like a children's video game using cartoon characters who ask "How big a greenhouse pig are you?"

To answer the question a “green” conscious user goes through a series of questions: how much driving you do, is your car fuel efficient, how many miles you have flown, and all this is divided by pleasure travel and business travel. This distinction is made presumably because one form of travel is considered more Earth-friendly than the other, but the site does not say which is or is not.

Inquiry is also made as to the size of your home, how many live in it, the size of utility bills and if you are using any renewable resource.

All responses are added together and then you are told how long you can live your lifestyle before you use up your allotment of resources, and at which point you should die. Unfortunately there is no indication of your allotted resources; it only says when you have used them up.

After you learn of your death expectation to save the planet, there is a button to click on, appropriately defined by a skull-and-crossbones, to find out the number of years from then that you should leave the earth so others may continue, (this life span of course depends on your answers). For example, you may be entitled to 10, 20 or 30 years but not in round numbers, the time is specifically given in years, months and days (we must be exact you know so plans may be made).

So you don’t miss the point, according to Mr. Unruh, “With the click on the skull-and-crossbones button, a pig representing the survey-taker, positioned between a fat pig for energy usage and a lean, "green" pig, explodes”.

The web site of course promotes the Kyoto international climate agreement under which greenhouse gases are to be regulated and reduced. Rumor has it that Barack Obama and John McCain have subscribed to the web site service and may include the life-death calculation protocol in a global warming bill to be introduced in the next administration.

Australian ABC is nothing if not thorough and shows us how we may be entitled to a relatively longer life. They remind us "For each hour of heat, you'll produce about 0.7 kg CO2 (gas heater), 2 kg CO2 (2 bar electric radiator), 3.3 kg CO2 (open fire)."

"Gas is more efficient because you just burn it where you are – about a quarter of the heat gets lost up the flue, but the rest heats up the room. Electricity on the other hand is pretty hopeless efficiency-wise – 2/3 of the coal's energy is lost at the power station," the report said. "Open fires vary on a scale from pretty inefficient to hellishly inefficient. And as well as their greenhouse excesses, they produce a heap of other pollutants and [sic] the odd irate asthmatic neighbor." [This doesn't make sense to me either.]

The web site suggests there is a way to mitigate usage "excesses" - "planting trees"; to quote the web site (remember it is Australian) the web site advises that to counter the usage of an ordinary family, members would have to plant "a helluva lot" of trees.

"Your average Aussie belts out about 24.5 tons of CO2 each year (that covers everything from housing and transport to your share of government and industry). Your average Aussie native tree can soak up about 270 kg CO2 in that time. And your average Aussie science journalist with a calculator reckons that's about 91 trees you'd need to plant every year," the website advises.

"On a national scale, we'd be talking about planting 1729 million trees … EVERY YEAR."

In view of the likelihood of a life entitlement calculator being included in the next global warming bill, you might want to delay making vacation plans too far into the future; the money you save may be important to the government.

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