Sunday, November 2, 2008

I am sorry for what has happened to Americans

This is a very sad election; not only because the most liberal senator ever elected to office may become president, but because of what this says about Americans.

Those victimized by Nazi rule in Germany and others appalled by the horror may wonder how someone like Adolph Hitler could come to power and receive the support of so many average Germans. Documentaries frequently feature film of the Hitler days showing huge crowds yelling and waiving support for the most fiendish world leader in thousands of years; an amazing sight.

If you read this and think I am equating Adolph Hitler and Barack Obama you are completely wrong; I absolutely am not. What is equitable however is the support of huge numbers of the American people who are ready to accept a leader who is without doubt intent on changing the whole fabric of the country and values held dear since our beginning based on individual liberty, free enterprise and a capitalist system where individual effort and hard work is rewarded.

Most Obama supporters are sold on the idea that “change” is needed but ignore the reality of the kind of change Obama wants for all of us. Obama’s change drives us toward government control and intrusion into our lives beyond all comprehension of our founding fathers and of the governments we elected for the past two hundred years. Whether it’s called socialism or something else, the fact is that everywhere Obama’s ideas have been tried there was failure. What has made our country great is the recognition that we all benefit when we distinguish between those who work hard to better their lives and those who are in for a free ride. Hard work and initiative must be rewarded or people will not exert extra effort; why should they? Why would anyone settle for a piece of a common pie when he is responsible for the pie in the first place?

There are many ways to achieve a socialistic or autocratic society. Stalin and his predecessors chose force and physical intimidation. But Hitler initially came to power by convincing Germans of the need for change and that his way, though ultimately oppressive, was the way to go.

Barack Obama is more subtle. As Saul Alinski taught his disciples, of which Obama and Hillary Clinton were two, the way to achieve the ultimate society was to work through the working class. It was not sufficient to harness support of the poor people because they had no power. But if the middle class could be persuaded to accept change that causes hard working successful Americans to part with more of the reward for their labor and share it with the “less fortunate” then a sufficiently large voting mass would be assembled to bring to power someone with a true socialist agenda. Once in office and the changes are enshrined into law, it would be nearly impossible to undue the successful achievement of their goal.

Someone had the nerve to ask Obama’s running mate, Senator Joe Biden, if this approach was not in keeping with the Marxist idea of “from each according to his means, to those according to their need.” Biden sought to discredit the question, and later the questioner, with ridicule. But I defy anyone to explain why the Obama approach is not consistent with the Marxist premise.

Yes it can be said that any progressive income tax system is the same thing and Obama is merely taking the idea to another level. But the fact is we have been accepting the Marxist philosophy for as long as we have had a progressive income tax and the result is always the same; a certain degree of discouragement of success. The fact that Obama is comfortable publicly acknowledging he want to “spread the wealth” says more about Americans than it says about Obama.

Obama has openly called for a change of our capitalistic society to one where those who have not made the sacrifices of successful members of our society will share in the bounty but without making any of the effort.

Obama and those who have laid out the road to socialism for America have done well. One day we will wake up and see the logical extension of the policies Obama has convinced Americans to accept, and we won’t recognize our country.

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The Gunslinger said...

Read Jonah Goldberg's "Liberal Fascism" and the comparison between Hitler and Obama won't seem so extreme or outrageous.

Leaving aside the "Final Solution", their ideas of power & rule are not dissimilar.

Obama has his Scapegoats too: Anyone who wants to succeed on their own merits and hard work,and keep what they earn.