Monday, November 24, 2008

Please, look at the facts before it’s too late – we are not causing the planet to warm

In my local newspaper there was an article recently entitled “Reduce warming while kick-starting the U. S. economy.” One author was an unimpressive councilman and now shows he is an unimpressive critic of the laws of physics. The coauthor is a Greenpeace field organizer, what more need be said; Greenpeace would have the world shut down for the good of humanity and for the planet.

Alarmist articles of this type are long on “concern” about planet warming and inevitably short on reason why we should believe global destruction is just round the corner unless we all accept draconian changes to our life style and put our faith and future in government’s hands. Does anyone other than these illogical alarmists believe that replacing our incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps will actually affect global temperature?

For many years after Al Gore came on the seen with his movie and he and government-supported “researchers” made the Olympian proclamation that the world is warming due to the life style of Americans and others similarly situated, the issue was driven by the faithful “big-government is best” media to assure the world there was no doubt and any deniers were either religious heretics or loony. Despite everything stacked against them, thousands of scientists around the world came forward with real scientific evidence and studies to prove the Olympian proclamation was not only wrong but issued by self-serving academicians feeding from the public trough.

There are good reasons why the global warming advocates scream the verdict of man’s indifference to the environment. After the defeat of communism on the world stage (except for a few tyrants still using the Marxist ideology to maintain power), those who were left found a home in environmental politics and under cover of this new ideology they continued their efforts toward globalism and near total governmental control over the lives of everyone, especially those in the world producing wealth.

The scientific reality is that throughout its history planet earth has undergone numerous climatic changes and upheavals of enormous proportions. On each occasion the planet survived and emerged with a new and generally different totality and life forms. Even tracing planet history to comparatively recent time, it can and has been shown that variation in world temperature has been a regular phenomenon. We have had relatively recent ice ages followed periods of warming and then additional cooling periods. There is evidence that we are actually in a cooling trend related to a considerable reduction in sun spots. The sun is really the dictator of what happens to temperature on earth, not whether we drive SUVs or keep our homes cool in summer and warm in winter. If anyone doubts this, a simple Google search will reveal a plethora of scientific studies to this effect. I have collected literally hundreds of reports about climate change; all proving beyond a doubt that human activity is not responsible for climate change on earth.

The fiction that greenhouse gases are the driving force behind global warming fits in nicely with the plans of big government dreamers in America and around the world. What better way is there to assure people follow the script than alleging the sky is falling and we can only stop it by doing things that will increase everyone’s cost of living and fill government coffers with endless streams of money to use to develop still more schemes to control the poor hapless masses.

I have a presentation that shows every bit of what I say is true. All the data shown is from credible sources and scientists and some even from the global warmer’s handbook. I even have results of studies that show that carbon dioxide, the global warming demon, is not to blame for change in climate temperature. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does vary as does the temperature but changes in carbon dioxide levels actually lag changes in temperature, up and down, by hundreds of years.

Congress is being hoodwinked and we are and will be the losers. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is leading the charge for global warming destructive “remedial” efforts. I would like to know on what basis he comes to believe we are in an emergency of inaction. Governor, tell the people what scientific evidence, specifically, are you relying on? For that matter, Councilman and Greenpeace coordinator - what scientific evidence have you that contradicts the hard evidence produced by the brave men and women who have come forward to discredit global warming alarmists at the risk of their jobs and standing in the elite academic community?


Roald A. said...


Perhaps this news of major Arizona governmental entities potentially having the opportunity of doing a fair and balanced examination of AGW will 'warm' your heart:

It would be a truly monumental event.

Real Time said...

Ok, you've got my attention. Now please back up your assertions with a dozen examples of reports from your "hundreds" of sources.

You'd think you would have some links posted already, so as to silence the skeptics. Show us the proof!