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Global warming – don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is made up

Many people have not bought into the notion that what living creatures do will change the climate on Earth; indeed their numbers far exceed the number of Al Gore acolytes. But you would never know this if you get your information solely from the traditional news media and politicians.

It has been proven time and again that the news given to the public is filtered through ideological screens. We see this in political elections, reports of who is for and against particular themes, endless sap stories decrying any attempt to defend our country at home and abroad, selective reporting to suit the media message and the message of those sharing the media version of the truth (or at least what they know is “best” for Americans), and selective and misreporting to gather the wagons around their ideological colleagues while taking every opportunity to castigate those who disagree.

If you doubt, ask Obama voters how many knew his middle name was “Hussein” before they voted?

One example of the media at work is how those disagreeing with the common wisdom that says it has been established beyond doubt humans and greenhouse gases produced in the course of improving quality of life, are treated in the popular press. These people, mostly real scientists, are vilified and ridiculed because they disagree with the accepted global warming theology as regarding the source of climate change and in particular global warming. Their reports and works are dismissed without any attempt to have global warming proponents debate them or their findings; many of the co-called “global warming deniers” courageously put their futures on the line by telling the truth about this insidious environmentalist/socialist scam.

A recent case concerns meteorologist Chad Myers (of CNN no less) who had the effrontery to publicly say that the whole idea [man-made global warming] is arrogant and mankind was in danger of dying from other natural events more so than global warming and challenged the notion man can alter climate.

An article by Jeff Poor of the Business & Media Institute pointed out unprecedented snow in places like Las Vegas and many others has some scratching their heads – how can there be global warming with this unusual cold and snowy weather?

Chad Myers had never bought into the notion that man can alter the climate and the Vegas snowstorm didn’t impact his opinion. Myers, an American Meteorological Society certified meteorologist, explained on CNN’s December 18 “Lou Dobbs Tonight.” “You know, to think that we could affect weather all that much is pretty arrogant,” Myers said. “Mother Nature is so big, the world is so big, the oceans are so big – I think we’re going to die from a lack of fresh water or we’re going to die from ocean acidification before we die from global warming, for sure.”

“But this is like, you know you said – in your career – my career has been 22 years long,” Myers said. “That’s a good career in TV, but talking about climate – it’s like having a car for three days and saying, ‘This is a great car.’ Well, yeah – it was for three days, but maybe in days five, six and seven it won’t be so good. And that’s what we’re doing here.”

According to Jeff Poor, Myers is the second CNN meteorologist to challenge the global warming conventions common in the media. He also said trying to determine patterns occurring in the climate would be difficult based on such a short span.

Another CNN meteorologist attacked the concept that man is somehow responsible for changes in climate last year. Rob Marciano charged Al Gore’s 2006 movie, “An Inconvenient Truth,” had some inaccuracies.

“There are definitely some inaccuracies,” Marciano said during the October 4, 2007 broadcast of CNN’s “American Morning.” “The biggest thing I have a problem with is this implication that Katrina was caused by global warming.”

Marciano also said that, “global warming does not conclusively cause stronger hurricanes like we’ve seen,” pointing out that “by the end of this century we might get about a 5 percent increase.”

His comments drew a strong response and he recanted the next day saying “the globe is getting warmer and humans are the likely the main cause of it”; it looks like keeping his job is more important than integrity.

Another meteorologist, “Dr. Jay Lehr, also an expert on environmental policy, told ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ viewers you can detect subtle patterns over recorded history that date back to the 13th Century.”

“If we go back really, in recorded human history, in the 13th Century, we were probably 7 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than we are now and it was a very prosperous time for mankind,” Lehr said. “If go back to the Revolutionary War 300 years ago, it was very, very cold. We’ve been warming out of that cold spell from the Revolutionary War period and now we’re back into a cooling cycle.” Lehr suggested the earth is presently entering a cooling cycle.

“The last 10 years have been quite cool,” said Lehr “And right now, I think we’re going into cooling rather than warming and that should be a much greater concern for humankind. But, all we can do is adapt. It is the sun that does it, not man.”

Lehr is a senior fellow and science director of The Heartland Institute, an organization that will be holding the 2009 International Conference on Climate Change in New York March 8-10.

Here are some more underreported stories maligning global warming theorists; tell me if you read about these in the New York Times, The Washington Post, The LA Times, or on the network news broadcasts.

It was first mentioned in the Russian press and then made available to those who look for the facts and not rely on Gorisms in complicit news media that ice caps are not really melting.

The issue often advance by Al Gore is that the world’s ice caps are melting because of climate change; is this true or are the reports just a lot of scare mongering by the advocates of the global warming theory?

Scare mongering appears to be the case, according to reports from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that reveal that almost all the allegedly “lost” ice has come back. A NOAA report shows that ice levels which had shrunk from 5 million square miles in January 2007 to just 1.5 million square miles in October are almost back to their original levels. Moreover, a February 18 report in the London Daily Express showed that there is nearly a third more ice in Antarctica than usual, challenging the global warming crusaders and buttressing arguments of skeptics who deny that the world is undergoing global warming.

The Daily express recalls the photograph of polar bears clinging on to a melting iceberg which has been widely hailed as proof of the need to fight climate change and has been used by former Vice President Al Gore during his "Inconvenient Truth" lectures about mankind’s alleged impact on the global climate. Gore fails to mention that the photograph was taken in the month of August when melting is normal. Or that the polar bear population has soared in recent years. As winter comes across the Northern Hemisphere, Mother Nature seems to have joined the ranks of the skeptics.

As the Express notes, scientists are saying the northern Hemisphere has endured its coldest winter in decades, adding that snow cover across the area is at its greatest since 1966. The newspaper cites the one exception — Western Europe, which had, until the weekend when temperatures plunged to as low as -10 C in some places, been basking in unseasonably warm weather.

Around the world, vast areas have been buried under some of the heaviest snowfalls in decades. Central and southern China, the United States, and Canada were hit hard by snowstorms. In China, snowfall was so heavy that over 100,000 houses collapsed under the weight of snow. Jerusalem, Damascus, Amman, and northern Saudi Arabia report the heaviest falls in years and below-zero temperatures. In Afghanistan, snow and freezing weather killed 120 people. Even Baghdad had a snowstorm, the first in the memory of most residents.

AFP news reports icy temperatures have just swept through south China, stranding 180,000 people and leading to widespread power cuts just as the area was recovering from the worst weather in 50 years, the government said Monday.

An ongoing record-long spell of cold weather in Vietnam's northern region, which started on January 14, has killed nearly 60,000 cattle, mainly bull and buffalo calves, local press reported Monday. By February 17, the cold killed a total of 59,962 cattle in the region, including 7,349 in the Ha Giang province, 6,400 in Lao Cai, and 5,571 in Bac Can province, said Hoang Kim Giao, director of the Animal Husbandry Department under the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, according to the Pioneer newspaper.

In Britain the temperatures plunged to -10 C in central England, according to the Express, which reports that experts say that February could end up as one of the coldest in Britain in the past 10 years with the freezing night-time conditions expected to stay around a frigid -8 C until at least the middle of the week. And the BBC reports that a bus company's efforts to cut global warming emissions have led to services being disrupted by cold weather.

Meanwhile Athens News reports that a raging snow storm that blanketed most of Greece over the weekend and continued into the early morning hours on Monday, plunging the country into sub-zero temperatures. The agency reported that public transport buses were at a standstill on Monday in the wider Athens area, while ships remained in ports, public services remained closed, and schools and courthouses in the more severely-stricken prefectures were also closed.

More than 100 villages were snowed-in on the island of Crete and temperatures in Athens dropped to -6 C before dawn, while the coldest temperatures were recorded elsewhere where they plunged to -12 C.

Have you seen any of these events reported in the main stream press in conjunction with climate change? If mentioned at all, the focus is on the human tragedy and not as contradictions to the common global warming wisdom.

Of course global warming fanatics have an answer to these events; they incredibly say the events prove global warming exists.

If global warming gets any worse we'll all freeze to death.

Has anybody ever wondered how we can be so certain about who and what causes climate change on Earth when we can’t figure out for certain how the world was made?

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