Thursday, December 11, 2008

Propaganda for leftist causes - the news media will "change" our country forever, if we let them - Part Three

The news media has not only let down the American people by not doing their job but has actually harmed our country by misleading Americans and using their position to propagandize for causes they want the country to accept. Through these efforts the media has not only prevented Americans from learning the truth, they have also been the deliberate, conscious purveyors of out-and-out lies to suit their agenda and causes.

We have come a long way from the anticipation that a free press as protected by the First Amendment would uncover truth and inform the nation. This was the expectation by our country’s founders enshrined in the Constitution as the first item of the Bill of Rights. However as media power increased with evolving modern communication mechanisms reaching more and more people, there was also a concentration of political ideology in the media. Without significant competition in the battle for the hearts and minds of the American people, the left in various forms began to dominate the news reporting and worked for candidates of their choice and against those they decided should not win because they did not agree with them for ideological reasons.

The news media do not confine their propaganda clout to elections for office, but they additionally take an active part in seeking to influence the public regarding issues of importance to the left. This is done by selectively reporting only news favorable to their cause, not reporting about anything that is contrary to their cause, and actual lying.

With their colleagues in government public office, they either deliberately, directly or indirectly or by virtue of similar ideology, conspire to further liberal and socialist causes. The limited counterbalance to the predominant news media has been the internet and “talk radio” featuring the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram, et al. These radio personalities seek to undo the harm done and correct the misinformation repeated in the main stream press. Since liberals cannot tolerate free speech and criticism, it is no surprise that the Democrat majority in the senate and congress want to muzzle them by imposing what is euphemistically called the “fairness doctrine.” By insisting that public broadcasting present opposing sides of issues, the intention is to destroy critical commentary, exposure of their lame ideas, reduce the number of conservative voices and, if possible, give more exposure to liberal ideology where broadcasters decide to continue to express conservative, critical views on the air, by demanding equal exposure for the liberal/socialist propaganda.

The first of the two parts of this series addressed the historical basis of reliance on a free press to inform Americans by providing unvarnished truth about people and events. The second article gave an example where the news media has let Americans down by not revealing the true threat of Islam, not just so-called “radical Islam”, but of Islam itself as a philosophy of dominance disguised as a religion.

There are many other subjects of deliberate news media misreporting or failure to report in order to further particular liberal/socialist ends. Those of us who want to expose these aims and provide the truth are handicapped by not having the ability to reach everyone and may not be able to compete with the powerful media. But we owe it to our country’s founders and to the country we love to make as much effort as we can to tell the truth and hope in some small measure to fight to maintain our liberty and freedom from government control.

There are many news sites on the internet that join in this fight, some may be lesser known. I urge you to visit at least some of the following to get information not readily available in the mainstream press:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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