Friday, August 14, 2009

The fight against government controlled healthcare is a struggle for survival of freedom

There is little doubt we are in a struggle for the American way of life that has endured for centuries. Although individual freedom and liberty have been under attack since the FDR days, President Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat controlled federal legislature is accelerating the decline. Democrats in Congress have long-held intentions to remake our country which were restrained by some Republican presidents and a combination of past sensible Democrats and more traditional Republicans in the House and Senate, however those restraints are no more. With leftists Democrats and RINO Republicans and Obama in office, the danger is greater than ever.

It seems like a long while ago now but Obama, the most dangerous person ever to reside in the White House, has succeeded in pushing through Congress and enact into law substantial expansion of government control starting with "emergency" allocation of billions of dollars to fix the "toxic mortgage problem" but which was diverted to control the banking industry. Similarly, a huge "stimulus" bill of over $700 billion was quickly passed and turned out to be as many feared not an economic stimulus at all but monetary rewards for Obama and Democrat supporters. The economy, behind a somewhat improved stock market (it’s forgotten how far down the market is from before the OBama, and yes, George Bush, spending sprees last Fall and Winter) the Democrat news media and the president proclaim economic recovery is underway. Of course this is nonsense; just ask the millions of Americans out of work.

Statistics may never lie but liars can manipulate statistics. The government says unemployment is 9.4%, purportedly down from 9.5%, but neither number is an accurate reflection of reality. Many people who have given up looking for a job and those whose unemployment insurance has run out are excluded from the count. According to truthful economists unemployment is over 16% and growing.

Now that the banking and auto industries are firmly under government control, nothing can better illustrate the real agenda of remaking the country under socialist/Marxist principles than the attempt by Obama and Democrats to control the health industry which accounts for one-sixth of the total economy. But the danger to Americans is not only government expansion but what will be done to our healthcare system in terms of destruction of the best medical care in the world, notwithstanding the negative propaganda about our medical system promulgated by Democrats and echoed by the Democrat house organs in the news media.

Democrats and their sympathizers squeal when comparisons are made with the National Socialist Party (NAZI) in Germany. However the comparison as far as government growth and control are concerned is quit legitimate. By imposing a national health program, socialized medicine, the government not only takes over a large proportion of the economy but is able to appropriate all manner of private information which in the computer age is easily maintained in a data base. For example, all information about an individual’s health is recorded, all medical service needs are available for government healthcare decision makers and data maintained by the government is either publicly available or easily hacked (remember even critical secret military data has been accessed by hackers).

Barack Obama is not an Adolph Hitler but the attempt to control the economy and the people’s lives is eerily similar. If Obama and Democrats are successful, Americans will be susceptible to any imposition the government chooses to exert, just as in NAZI Germany.

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