Friday, August 21, 2009

Obama wants the government to decide about your health care

Those who were not overcome by the Barack Obama mystique recognized Barack Obama as not the Messiah that his wide-eyed followers thought him to be. We saw an extreme liberal with no real world experience other than as a rabble rouser masquerading as a “community organizer," someone with no experience running anything of importance even so much as a Dairy Queen. For this we were accused of everything from being racists to being right wing extremists. Unfortunately for our country, we were correct and over 52% of Americans were wrong.

Obama implemented what his Chicago thug of an office manager, Rahm “dead fish” Emanuel, proclaimed that never let a crisis go to waste, whether the crisis is real or manufactured. Democrats in congress finely had a Socialist/Marxist they could work with and finally achieve programs rejected over the years by the public and more sensible representatives and senators with Republican presidents in office. For them this is a crucial time when the public can be ignored because they have a large majority in the House led by the Queen of Arrogance, Nancy Pelosi, and the bland but highly partisan Harry Reid leading a veto-proof Senate (thanks to the election stole by ridiculously incompetent Al Franken).

Obama was successful early in his presidency to get congress to allocate billions, without any congressional supervision, to solve the housing, banking, and “toxic mortgage” crises (has anyone heard anything about “toxic mortgages” lately?). He also succeeded in getting through Congress the non-stimulating Stimulus bill which made billions of dollars available to fellow travelers in the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department to reward Obama supporters and favored Wall Street tycoons and to begin the process of nationalizing important industries. Using tax payer grants to businesses gave Obama the power to dictate new rules and regulations by which these hapless businesses must operate and going so far as to dictate salaries and pay checks that their employees should or should not get, and who should run these formerly private enterprises.

But the greatest prize for socialists in the “change” Obama promised was “healthcare reform.” The far left have long sought government control of the health care system which amounts to one-sixth of the US economy to convert America from capitalism to socialism. All dictatorships of the past have used socialized medicine as a vehicle to cement control over the masses (along with gun control, another shibboleth of leftists). A compliant public enamored with the Messiah in the oval office could be counted on, or so they thought, to ignore the scheming in Washington to achieve this end. But unfortunately for them, the not-yet silenced alternative media made the diabolical plans known to the public and once actually informed, Americans rose up and rebelled against this government takeover. The result is that overwhelming majorities are against the Democrats plan to usurp individual control of their health care decisions.

Resorting to what Democrats always do when faced with opposition based on reality about their schemes, they mobilized their news media house organs to rail against the opponents and deliberately lie and mislead the public about the truth of what they want to inflict on the country (Obama being the master liar of all). As the leader of this effort, President Obama plied his charm, his teleprompter and his best “trust me” mode to fool the public into believing the unbelievable. Of course, one of the tools of his trade is to identify demons that would thwart his plans to the alleged detriment of the public.

Rather than listen to the concerns of the people who elected them about the Obama and Democrat health care bills, Democrats want to ram the total revision of health care in the country down the throats of Americans and through Congress without bipartisan input. The Obama administration is playing the blame game labeling opponents as alleged obstructionists. As usual the list of those they blame is just plain ridiculous.

1. Conservative groups

The news media, trade unions, Acorn and, labeled protests of everything George Bush said or did as “grassroots democracy.” But when conservative groups encourage supporters to attend town hall meetings and make their sentiments about Obamacare known to their congressmen, it’s called un-American, disruptive and the work of right-wing extremists.

2. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the hypocrite

Liberals conveniently forget when Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was a supporter of protests when President George W. Bush was being compared to Adolph Hitler and the Nazis. She even praised violent anti-war protesters at a January 2006 town hall meeting in San Francisco as democracy in action. Now that Pelosi and Democrats control the house the protests by opponents are not to be tolerated even though, unlike the bussed-in and often paid Democrat protesters, opponents of Obamacare are ordinary Americans energized by the debate, frustrated at not having a voice and motivated to exercise their right of free speech. Democrats attempt to smear opponents and shut down debate and label them un-American.

2. Insurance Companies

Obama is seeking support for Obamacare now by labeling it health-insurance reform. This is done by demonizing insurance companies despite the fact that insurance companies like Obamacare and spend millions in propaganda to support it, but critizing insurance companies resonates with the public who all have had a problem with their insurance company at one time or another. After all, insurance companies work through faceless employees who deny or pay claims in a seemingly arbitrary manner and refuse or cancel coverage sometimes.

But the facts simply don’t support Obama’s rants. “If insurance companies were gouging the public, the evidence would show up in one of two places, according to Graef Crystal, a compensation expert in Santa Rosa, California, and occasional Bloomberg News columnist: excessive executive pay or excessive returns to shareholders.” His analysis of five major health insurers shows just the opposite: below-market pay and below-market shareholder returns. “There’s no case here for undue enrichment of shareholders” or over-compensating CEOs, Crystal says.

Health care does not need to be overhauled; if there are things that should be corrected, like coverage for pre-existing ailments, they could be addressed without destroying the whole health care system.

3. Sarah Palin – the scapegoat once again

There is a school of thought that the reason the left in the media and in those in office continue to attack Sarah Palin is because they fear her. The reasoning goes that Sarah receives such vituperation because the Left actually fears her because she is one of the people and a large segment of the electorate relates to her.

Sarah Palin tells the truth and truth is an anathema to the Left. She tells it like it is about Obamacare and people listen; therefore, Sarah must be destroyed. Democrats don’t like it when Sarah says the obvious that in order to cut health costs medical care must be rationed because it will be an even scarcer resource. The only question is how: by the market (price) or by government mandate. If government is doing the rationing, what exactly will bureaucrats use to determine who gets what care and who doesn’t?

4. Democrat’s confusion is a good thing

Opposition to fast-track health-insurance reform is coming from Obama’s own party. Senator Kent Conrad, Democrat of North Dakota and one of six Finance Committee members involved in bipartisan negotiations, said on Fox News Sunday that the goal is to “get this right,” not meet some “specific timetable.” He said the Senate lacks enough votes to pass a bill with a public option. “To continue to chase that rabbit, I think, is just a wasted effort.” Nonetheless the real Leftists who have been waiting decades for governmental control of health care and Socialism don’t want any softening of government control. The fact is though these Lefties may squawk, there’s no way they won’t vote for whatever passes that can be labeled “Health Care Reform.”

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