Thursday, November 8, 2007

My views of the news today

President George Bush is determined to leave office with a Jimmy Carter legacy. Bush is piling on President/General Musharraf in Pakistan insisting on ‘democratic elections’; which really worked well in Gaza and everywhere Muslims dominate. It’s true a version of ‘democracy’ once occurred in Pakistan when Bhutto was elected, but the conditions in that country are different now and are likely to remain as they are for a long time. Al Qaeda and their sympathizers dominate large portions of the country and Islamic militants are threatening to take over the country. Instead of condemning Musharraf, Bush should be supporting his effort to remain in power; just one man stands between atomic bombs and Islamic terrorists.

While Bush and Rice condemn Musharraf, nothing is said about the constant war raged by Chavez against opponents in Venezuela. Chavez is killing and imprisoning anyone that protests his violent anti-freedom regime and not one word from the world community or from the administration.

It’s interesting that columnists have come around to the suggestion I made a long time ago. A guest worker program is essential to meet labor needs of American businesses and for home gardens but the program must be orderly and should not provide a path to citizenship. The new short-sighted guest worker advocates overlook an important corollary to a guest worker program I proposed and that is to secure our borders. Unless the borders are first secured, illegal aliens (notice I do not call them “undocumented” workers”) will continue to swarm into the United States.

If you haven’t seen it, the column by Tom Purcell (in The Desert Sun today) is excellent. Purcell describes very well the Democrat policy of “bribery” for votes.

In keeping with the news media policy of trying to diminish (intentionally or otherwise) good economic news where it finds it, some try to minimize the current low unemployment rate – 4.5%, and call it misleading by pointing out there are areas of the country where unemployment is above the national average. It seems these people do not know what “average” means. Why should it surprise anyone that unemployment is higher in Detroit where cars are made? After all, a very sizable percentage of the car price is due to incredibly high pension, health and other labor benefits not yet extorted by labor unions from foreign manufacturers. By the way did you notice that General Motors announced a third quarter loss of $39 billion? Is giving in continually to union demands worth the price of staying in business and operating at a loss of this magnitude?

The U.S. Office of Immigration Statistics estimates about 11.6 million illegal immigrants in the country as of January 2006, with about 6.6 million of that total being from Mexico. The Census Bureau says there are about 11.5 million Mexican immigrants in the country. I don’t know how these numbers were derived but all seem low and the latter two appear inconsistent.

According to public health records and Census data, 1.5 million children have been born to parents of Mexican ancestry since 2000 but it is not clear how many of those are children of illegal immigrants. Nonetheless there is no doubt that one advantage of illegal immigrants having children born in the United states is to have American citizens in the family that can serve as an ‘anchor’ toward citizenship for the parents and family members. The Federation for American Immigration Reform says there are from 287,000 to 363,000 births to illegal immigrants in the country each year. I believe that unless we control illegal immigration and change the rules about granting citizenship to their children, we will lose control of our country and La Raza will win.

Not many would have predicted France would become a supporter of the United States in their lifetime but that is what happened with the election of Nicolas Sarkozy as President of France. His speech before congress was something to behold; I recommend you find it online and read it.

Iraq war doubters should ask the 46,000 refugees reported today to be returning to Iraq, why they are returning home. Can it be that the country is becoming safer and the America military is doing an effective job despite the Democrat efforts to paint a dark picture and undermine our war effort?

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