Friday, November 23, 2007

“Some things I think I think”

I think Wal-Mart is the greatest. Despite criticism from many quarters, the company continues to excel and grow. Why - because they give consumers a break. I shopped for my ‘winter’ wardrobe today and I’m convinced I saved $200 over what I would have spent elsewhere. Not only that, everything I wanted was in one store.

San Francisco Board of supervisors chose not to approve a law that would have prevented managers at City Hall from having a sexual relationship with subordinates. Of course, no law can actually prevent a relationship but the City could have disapproved of that sort of thing and provided penalties for violations (like firing for example). Naturally, being San Francisco the law was not based on moral grounds, it was an effort to reduce awards paid by San Francisco for sexual harassment claims. Since the Mayor would have been a violator due to his affair with his campaign manager’s wife, obviously the proposed law didn’t stand a chance of getting approved.

I think it’s just peachy that the revamp of the way California’s electoral votes are determined may get on the ballot. The group pushing for getting this on the ballot raised $1 million and feels confident they will make the June ballot. To get on the ballot 700,000 signatures must be obtained to make sure there are at least the 434,000 required. If it does qualify for the ballot, Democrats would have to spend millions of dollars to defeat it; money they won’t be spending elsewhere to defeat Republicans running for office.

You know it is Thanksgiving when newspapers and TV news feature celebrities serving food to the homeless. I wonder what these multi-millionaire entertainers do the rest of the year to salve their conscience for the huge pay they get for entertaining us.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I think it’s the best holiday of the year (unless you’re alone). It usually provides a four-day weekend for most workers (store clerks excepted), there are no pressures, and it comes at a good time of the year when most people need a break.

Illegal immigration has spawned highly paid enterprises. It appears that immigrant smuggling is a $1.7 billion-a-year business in Arizona alone. Smugglers are helped by legitimate businesses that provide air fare, vehicles and other services, even though they know what is going on. Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard says "At every step of the way, the process has been taken over by corrupt businesses to facilitate transportation of illegal immigrants." Some have been prosecuted: used car lot operators, motel owners, travel agencies, taxi drivers, etc.

I find it hard to believe that after all these years have passed and billions of dollars spent, there are still homeless in New Orleans from the Katrina hurricane. The homeless live in tents but have been offered proper housing. It’s reported that there are 12,000 people still homeless; but only 61 have accepted offers of housing. I guess homeless prefer to camp out.

I think January 8th is too early for a presidential primary but that’s when you have to have it if you want to be one of the first states to vote in the presidential selection orgy. New Hampshire is trying very hard to be first but Iowa has its primary January 3rd. However there’s talk that New Hampshire will move its primary from January to December. Christmas shoppers will be able to vote on their way to the mall.

Jesse Jackson once described abortion as "black genocide"; he was not far from wrong. Between 1882 and 1968, 3,446 Blacks were lynched in the United States. That number is surpassed in less than three days by abortion. Each day 1,452 African-American children are killed by abortion. Surveys report three out of five pregnant Black women will abort their child. Since 1973 there have been over 13 million Black children killed by abortion. I wonder how long abortion would be legal if Blacks actually thought about the long-term consequences of legalized abortion.

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