Monday, November 5, 2007

Some things I think I think

The last woman I would think could play the ‘I am a woman, leave me alone’ card, is Hillary Clinton. Since Hillary complained about “piling on” by the male Democrat candidates, the furor erupting now causes the least feminine candidate (John Edwards has my vote) to recant.

The truth is out about how Arnold Schwarzenegger got his wife to agree to let him run for governor in the recall of Gray Davis. It seems he did it in a hot tub. Maria is apparently putty in his hands in warm water but this ploy put all California conservatives in hot water.

With all the flak Pakistan leader Musharraf is getting about his crack-down on Islamists, even from Rice-roni who threatens to reduce US aid to Pakistan, one overlooks that reports say al-Qaeda is gaining ground in the country’s northwest region. Islamic-fascists are now in control of vast areas of the mountainous border with Afghanistan, the likely home of Osama bin Laden. Will the short-sightedness of the State Department and President Bush if he supports them, never cease?

The news media inflames the American effort to overcome Islamic-fascists with news articles about every child killed in the war or in the mid east. The latest one is a headline “Two children among dead in gun battle”. At the bottom of the article it says the children were killed in “a compound harboring militants belonging to a suicide bombing network”. Can you imagine this kind of reporting during WW II?

The enforcers of the so-called ‘Endangered Species’ phenomenons have dropped to a new low. A new plan would “protect” species “where they exist”. Under this plan a rodent abundant in one state but declining in another state would be 'protected' from "extinction" there. In other words, protection of species is a zero sum game in which one of the furry little sweeties are not to ever be reduced in numbers, no where, no how.

Ethanol proponents may have come to the end of the string; not because it is ridiculous to replace gasoline with the libation (when not denatured), but because they will likely inflame beer drinkers. Prices for the brew will rise as sharply as the cost of barley and hops due to conversion of acreage to corn to supply the ethanol craze. Keep a man from his brew at a sporting event and you play with fire.

We can all breathe a sigh of relief that Karen Hughes has resigned from her job of cow-towing to Muslims. Karen embarrassed herself and her country by wearing Muslim woman garb as she traveled around the mid east and tried to get the murdering devils to like us.

What has our country come to when as many as 37% of children are kept indoors in some areas because “they live in dangerous neighborhoods”, according to a report by the Census Bureau. The statistics show that 34% of blacks and 37% of Hispanics can’t let their children be children out of doors.

Why are Republican split on the issue of whether Hawaii can be a “new sovereign state” run by descendents of indigenous Hawaiians. There are now about 150 laws giving special federal benefits to native Hawaiians but this was put in jeopardy by one of the few sensible decisions of the Supreme Court in 2000, they struck down a state law restricting to native Hawaiians the right to vote for some state offices. Now Senator Akaka (rhymes wit ‘kaka’) and Democrat Representative Neil Abercrombie will have succeeded in overturning centuries of 14th Amendment equal protection rights (if they get away with it).

Some people are calling Cuba “a tropical gulag”; do you agree?

One of the things China is doing with its vast holding of dollars is investing in world industries in general and American industry in particular. I have no problem with this but China should not be allowed to buy American companies in strategic industries. Recently China sought to buy a $2.2 billion stake in 3Com, which sells hacker-prevention hardware to the Pentagon, by the investment company Bain Capital Partners and China’s Huawei Technology. The administration should block this transaction for security reasons, more significant than the Dubai ports deal.

Texas governor Rick Perry has endorsed Rudy Giuliani for president. It is to be hoped this will increase his chances to be Rudy’s Veep because he is far better than Huckabee.

Opposition to Schwarzenegger’s health plan for California comes from unexpected sources, but for expected reasons. It seems the Mayors of San Francisco and Los Angeles criticized the program in a letter sent to the governator. They think giving free health insurance to people only earning up to $72,000 is too low. Maybe free health insurance should be given to all then the only ones paying will be tax payers.

If nothing else shows the inordinate power a single liberal judge, Charles Breyer, (younger brother of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer) has over us, the decision by this Clinton-appointed federal judge in San Francisco blocking a Social Security Administration effort to crack down on hiring of illegal aliens does. He cited for support of the decision the action would impose hardship on the workers and they “will be irreparably harmed”.

We really need a new lobby group for property owner; “Property Owners of America”. There are some organizations that support property rights, and they do a good job. But most of these organizations I know about have there efforts diluted by concerns for many related issues. An organization devoted only to protecting rights of property owners can focus attention on all attacks by environmental groups, protectors of ‘threatened species’, the ACLU and all those who want to take away the right of owners of property to do anything they want with their own property.

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Ben McCall said...

Regarding the question, do I think Cuba is a Gulag: Not at all. In fact, one of the more inane moves by Bush & Co was their recent condemnation of a probable transition of power from Fidel to his brother. Frankly, at this point who cares. It makes better sense to let the Cubans be. Bush's petty pandering to the Miami ex-pats buys a few paltry votes but accomplishes nothing else but maintaining a high level of animosity. If the Bushies really want to fix a Cuban problem, they should consider mandating that English be the official and required language of business in Florida. As it is now, Miami is strictly a Hispanic city, as personally evidenced when I tried to check in at the American Airlines desk at Miami International only to find that the AAlines clerk either could not, or would not, speak English. If we are to become a Spanish speaking country it should be by voters' choice, not by default via government inaction.