Thursday, December 13, 2007

Some things I think I think - (Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner would make a great Playboy centerfold)

Playboy should try to get Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner for a magazine photo centerfold; it would boost sales, especially in Argentina.

I think we should can the primaries and go back to cigar smoke-filled rooms so party hacks can select the candidates from each party. Our primaries today are just open air theatres with most candidates being actors spouting talking points for their opponents when the election rolls around. Remember party hacks chose FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, etc. Primaries gave us Carter, Clinton (and maybe another Clinton). Also, doing business in smoke-filled rooms means the party hacks won’t be around very long anyway.

It looks like the Mitchell steroid report about users in baseball has cleared up one thing; steroids can’t be relied upon to improve performance. Most of the players identified as ‘users’ were not the stars (which of course were also included in the report), but the run-of-the-mine utility players. A 250-hitter doesn’t seem to get much bang for the buck when he shoots up with the illegal stuff.

Well we are on the subject of baseball; I have a suggestion for the next Democrat congressional investigation. Since George Bush once owned a baseball team, the Texas Rangers, when steroid user Jose Conseco was one of its players, Democrats should find out "what did George Bush know and when did he know it’. I like the idea that Democrats have conducted over 300 investigations since they have been the majority in congress; while they are salivating on investigations, they are doing less mischief by passing fewer stupid laws.

To everyone’s ‘surprise’ (this is sarcasm in case you missed it), Democratic presidential hopefuls called for higher taxes on the highest-paid Americans and on big corporations. They did this in an unusually friendly ‘debate’ after being provided with tea and cookies baked by Hillary. (What was in those cookies Hillary, do you have Alice’s recipe?)

Speaking of Hillary, has anyone noticed she has added her mother and daughter Chelsea to her campaign? Looks like husband Bill wasn’t doing well enough so Mrs. Rodham Clinton brought out the ‘big guns’. This is a little like bringing your Mommy to a little league game for moral support. Mama Hillary actually said "She (Hillary) is a good person". That is sure to bring a lot of undecided voters into the Hillary column. To paraphrase the now-deceased first Bush basher: "Poor Hillary, you can’t blame her for her lies; she was born with a forked tongue in her mouth."

The recently issued NIE report has made the Bush administration's lose a lot of creditability and it is unlikely the policy of sanctions and tacit threat of war against Iran is still viable. The National Intelligence Estimate contradicted the White House description of the Iranian threat. But I didn't see anything being said that although the new NIE report asserts Iran discontinued its program to make nuclear weapons ended in 2003, an earlier NIE report after 2003 still claimed Iran was in the process of actually attempting to produce an atomic bomb. To add to my concern is that the report indicates that Iran has seemingly suspended the weaponization aspect of its nuclear program but is still constructing an elaborate enrichment infrastructure that will give Iran the option to build a bomb whenever it wants to. Furthermore, everyone agrees with the Iranian announcement that it has successfully enriched uranium; why are we so happy with the NIE report’s current conclusions many take to mean the Iranian threat has diminished? The Israelis don’t think so, and their intelligence has always been better than ours.

I woke up from a nightmare dripping with sweat and a pain in my gut; I dreamt that Britney Spears was going to play the Virgin Mary in a movie. But I was just prescient in my sleep stupor; today I read that a French producer says he wants Britney to play Mary in satire 'Sweet Baby Jesus'. The article says "the mere thought of the starlet ever appearing on the screen as a teen mama who gives birth to baby Jesus II makes us want to make an emergency call to the three wise men". However my reaction is that the producer and Britney should make plans for spending an eternity in a very hot place.

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