Saturday, December 1, 2007

What God wrought let no man put asunder

In 1948 Jews were given a homeland; ironically this was the same land that God had given them three thousand years earlier. Immediately the Arabs tried to drive the Jews off the land but with the help of God the Jews fought off the Arabs and retained the land. Then began the ‘salami’ of ‘land for peace; a bit of the Jewish land was ‘sliced’ off from time-to-time and given to the Arabs in the mistaken belief that the Arabs could be assuaged by the unilateral ‘gifts’ Jews bestowed upon them. Unfortunately for the Jews, and for mankind, Arabs don’t negotiate Jewish existence and cannot be trusted to abide by any agreement they enter into. You only have to recall that the 1948 land grant to the Jews was ‘signed off’ by the Arab leader at the time, King Feisal, just prior to the Arab invasion to drive off the Jews from the ‘re-given’ land (I say ‘re-given’ because the land had been previously given to them once before by an authority higher than the League of Nations or the United Nations).

First was the transfer of 80% of the Jew’s land to Trans-Jordan, again in return for a promise of peace. That didn’t work and the Arabs tried again, unsuccessfully, to drive the Jews off their homeland. So, more land was sliced off the ‘salami’ for ‘peace’, again and again and still again.

Back in 1948 Arabs in the Jewish homeland were told by their Arab kin folk to leave Israel and they would be able to return after the Arabs conquered the Jews and drove them out of Israel. Most of the ‘Palestinian Arabs’, as they were called, took the advice and left, leaving about one million in Israel where they wound up having more freedom than their Arab brethren in the Muslim countries. Today the Arabs won’t acknowledge the historical truth but here is what the current Arab lead negotiator with Israel had to say in 1976:

"The Arab armies entered Palestine to protect the Palestinians from the Zionist tyranny, but instead they abandoned them, forced them to emigrate and to leave their homeland, and imposed upon them a political and ideological blockade and threw them into prisons similar to the ghettos in which Jews used to live in Eastern Europe." Mahmoud Abbas (Falastin al thawra, Official Journal of the PLO in Beirut, 1976 [Courtesy of Hal Lindsey]

You can see that the Arabs lie when they say that the Jews drove the Palestinians off their land and out of Israel. In a moment of truthful reflection even the Arab leader knew what really happened and that Jews were not to blame for the sad plight of the Palestinians who live in squalor.

Now the Jews are being urged to ‘negotiate’ for peace once again by slicing off more of the ‘salami’. Unfortunately there are many in Israel, including the current political leader that subscribe to this fallacious approach. Never before has this worked and it will never work now or in the future. You can’t negotiate for peace with those that want to see you destroyed and who you can’t trust to live up to any agreement made.

These times require that Israelis reach into themselves for the spirit and resolve of those that fought for their nation in 1948 and in the subsequent wars with the Arabs; they must have the conviction and moral strength of the Macabees of old. We can only hope and pray for the Jews and the rest of us that there are still people in Israel with the courage and understanding of their predecessors who will rise and defend there right to exist in the harsh reality of the Muslim world.

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