Friday, October 5, 2007

Some things I think I think

Arresting illegal aliens seems to make more headlines than apprehending murderers. If a serial killer was nabbed it’s hard to imagine it would concern more people than finding illegal immigrants, but then a serial killer probably doesn’t have as many relatives.

President Bush finally used the veto pen to turn back a bad bill but why can’t the administration actually give the best reason for doing it. The S-Chip legislation (as it is now referred to because some people had trouble mispronouncing SCHIP as it was called earlier) contains so many more undesirable features than the increased cost to $30 billion, which Bush cites but is not the best reason to scrap it. When a law calls 25-year olds "children", you know the Democrats have a different agenda than simply providing health care for poor kids.

It looks like do-gooder anti-Americans are not satisfied with arresting American soldiers for what they do in Iraq, they now want to send hired "contractors" ("Blackwater USA) to jail if they make mistakes while killing bad guys in Iraq. You have to wonder whose side our congress is on; while we worry about how we fight the Iraq war, terrorists laugh at us and continue to kill Americans and Iraqis without restraint by any means at their disposal.

Recently a homosexual was in a group that killed a homosexual and the killers are accused of a "hate crime" (murder is not enough you know). What do we do when one homosexual kills another homosexual and is accused of a ‘hate crime’? Are homosexuals who kill other homosexuals exempt from hate crime laws?

It makes me laugh to read that the Florida Democrat Party is suing the National Democrat Party over the early primary thing. One hopes they both spend a lot of money on attorney fees.

Under the heading "huh?", the Administration is praising diplomats for getting new promises from North Korea intended to shut down the North Korean nuclear weapon program, but will "keep secret’ what the United states promised in return. Does that sound like some in our government don’t really think we made a good deal? I’m not sure what any deal with north Korea is worth anyway; it’s not like North Koreans keep their promises, just ask Bill Clinton and Jimma Cotta.

A court reporter in a San Diego court was caught reading the bible with some friends in an empty jury room during her lunch break and was told to knock it off. Apparently weight watcher groups and birthday celebrants have used empty jury rooms before but bible study is a no-no. I wonder what God thinks about that. Is it only Christians who are forbidden from public premises? Will they install footbaths in court houses for Muslims like they do in some airports? (Whew, stinko!)

I wonder what they were thinking in New York State when they started issuing driver licenses to illegal aliens. Drivers’ licenses from one state are recognized in all other states and are commonly used for identification purposes; how many times have you been asked to show your drivers license for identification? Looks like from now on terrorists will be able to legally drive cars to targets themselves.

If I was starving I would really appreciate "half a loaf". But when it comes to legislating about principles, I’m not a "half a loaf" person. That’s why I don’t understand conservative law makers that go along with proposed laws that may contain some good parts but also include unacceptable provisions that intrude on our rights and privileges or just make no common sense; examples are the now vetoed S-Chip and proposed immigration laws, both of which contain too many bad things to mention. The same may be said of the Law of the Sea Treaty (‘LOST’) Bush is trying to push through Congress.

According to a recent poll I read Hillary Clinton is leading Rudy Giuliani by a sizable margin in head-to-head polling; that’s enough to make me give up reading.

Speaking of Hillary, it amazes me that anyone believes someone with the malleable views Hillary spews in her speeches on different days should be president. In a national emergency a 'President' Hillary would have to delay responding until a focus group poll is taken.

I wonder if all the people in favor of gun control do not themselves have guns for home defense or otherwise; those that do are hypocrites of the worse sort.

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