Saturday, October 27, 2007

Some things I think I think

New government figures out today show the top 1% of income earners pay 40% of the taxes and Democrats want the ‘rich” to pay more. You only have to make $105,000/year to be in the top 1%; if you’re in this category do you think you should pay more taxes? If not, why aren’t you voting Republican?

I believe everyone should pay some amount in taxes; otherwise those paying no taxes, which comprise most Americans, will be in favor of raising taxes because they won't be affected.

As an introduction to the post Hillary presidency, the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Charlie Rangel, wants to restore “equity and fairness” to our tax system with a $1 trillion (that’s trillion with a ‘t”) increase in taxes. House Republican leader John Boehner called this the “the mother of all tax hikes” and "a political gift to Republicans"; this is a funny remark but let’s hope Democrats don’t have the ‘last laugh’.

We can all breathe a sigh of relief now, California state regulators are solving the ‘global warming’ problem. The California Air Resources Board has adopted new “mandates” cheered by the Sierra Club. Among the requirements are: all vehicles serviced for a tune up, smog check or oil change must leave the shop with fully inflated tires, and, propellants used in aerosol cans must be changed. Who says bureaucrats don’t know how to get to the heart of the matter!

Women have overcome everything now and have risen to the top of the world; forget about the ‘glass ceiling’. The commander of our space station in orbit is a woman, Peggy Whitson, and she joined the commander of the Discovery space shuttle when they docked together, another woman, Pamela Melroy. (Does this mean ‘you’ve come a ‘long way baby’?)

I believe it’s possible illegal border crossers may avoid Arizona in the future. It seems the Border Patrol there is implementing a new “zero tolerance” policy in coordination with local police authorities. Illegal entrants now face jail time up to six months for the first offence. This seems to be a program that should be implemented across the entire border if local police elsewhere will cooperate.

Proponents of giving criminals a ‘get out of jail free card should be please with the recent action of the Yemen government. It looks like Yemen prisons are successfully rehabilitating their prisoners; the al Quaida mastermind of the USS Cole attack that killed 17 sailors has been freed after “pledging” not to do that again. His death sentence was first commuted to 15 years in jail but now is free to do as he wishes, except of course bombing another US ship since he “pledged” not to do it again.

It should have made headlines but it didn’t. For the first time that I can recall a loss of life tragedy has not been blamed on global warming. The world primates are in danger of extinction but not because Americans are driving gas guzzlers, but because the apes' habitat is being destroyed. Thus, man-made global warming is off the hook but man is not.

I’m not sure I want to be one of the 455 passengers on the new Airbus A380. Unless they have like a hundred toilets, it will be a pretty messy long flight.

The Maytag repairman has long since left the scene but now the Maytag factory in Iowa where Fred Maytag started the company in 1893 has shut down. He introduced the first wooden tub washer in 1907 and the first electric machine in 1911. The Maytag lonely repairman made his debut in 1967 but the factory joins the repairman in history.

As tragic as the southern California fires are, Californians may take heart in one result of the tragedy. Attorney General ‘Moonbeam’ Brown said he is putting off the law suit against the EPA for failing to implement higher emission standards because of the massive wildfires in the state; instead he will sue “next week”. Brown wants California to lead the way to fight back global warming by making cars sold in the state less efficient and more dangerous; cars will have to use ethanol and be smaller and lighter to meet new fuel milage standards.

Stress is up everywhere in the country but according to a USA article you’re either proud of the stress (if you live in the East coast) or to stressed to care (if you live on the west coast). The American Psychological Association conducted the study but tell me, who cares?

A US congressional committee is studying whether to make Puerto Rico a state. It looks like Democrats see another way to increase their majorities after amnesty for illegal aliens failed.

One again France is leading the way (?). The Sarkozy-led government is seeking to institute language exams and DNA testing for prospective immigrants. The reason for the language requirement is obvious and the DNA test is for the purpose of assuring claims of family ties are true. Naturally, socialists and communists are against the proposal.

Another blow to global warming alarmists, but they will shrug it off. Scientists have found that over the past 520 million years four occasions of warming seas have caused extinction of simply gads of species, and humans and their carbon dioxide-emitting life styles were not around. According to a report by the global warming-friendly Associated Press, scientists found there is a “60 million-year cycle that moves from a ‘warmer greenhouse’ to a cooler ‘icehouse’.” Of course, no one will ask the 'warmists' how that phnemenon jibes with the 'man-caused-it theory.

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