Sunday, October 21, 2007

Some things I think I think

First, to the regular readers of this blog, I apologize for the absence of postings this past week. There was an unexpected interruption of my schedule and I was unable to do any writing. Nonetheless, I did have time to think, and here are some of the things I think I think.

I wonder what George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, and even Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan, would think about the following:
  • a California Law that prevents use of the terms ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ in schools
  • federals laws that put protection of rodents and insects ahead of property rights
  • the idea that humans can cause climate changes on the planet
  • our borders should not be protected to prevent illegal aliens from entering the country
  • illegal aliens, once safely here, being entitled to free medical care, free schooling, all civil right of citizens, welfare paid by tax payers, college tuition breaks not available to citizens from other states, a path to citizenship not available to people from other countries that follow immigration law, no worries about inability to speak English because interpreters must be provided to them in official actions, having their babies who are born in this country provide an opportunity for them to acquire legal status and residency, and possible citizenship
  • election ballots being required to be printed in multiple languages other than English
  • newspapers able to publish government secrets without punishment
  • a president that thinks joining the United States with Mexico and Canada is a good idea and sets about to do that secretively
  • a Congress that explicitly seeks to undermine our country during wartime and a public news media that assists them
  • Supreme Court Justices that believe their court decisions should take into account laws and court decisions of other countries, even when at odds with the U.S. Constitution
  • Supreme Court Judges that believe the Constitution is a ‘living document’ and may be interpreted contrary to the intentions of those that wrote the Constitution if it is necessary to accommodate their social views
  • a single unelected, life-time appointed judge can thwart the will of the people, the President and the Congress
  • the Senate can dictate to the President who should be appointed to government positions requiring the ‘advice and consent’ of the Senate, and how appointees should perform their duties, based entirely upon political ideology and not ability
  • one Senator may shout ‘filibuster’ and thereafter 60 Senate votes are required to pass the ‘filibustered’ legislation, even without the inconvenience of that Senator having to speak indefinitely on the Senate floor and being deprived of ‘toilet breaks’
  • putting world opinion above our country’s safety and self interest
  • preventing our soldiers from taking all action to protect their lives as they try to protect our country and accuse them of criminal acts when in the performance of their duties people indistinguishable from enemy combatants are killed, and court marshalling soldiers because they treat the enemy ‘inhumanely’, even though the enemy mutilates and decapitates captive soldiers
  • failing to support our country’s only friend in the middle east surrounded by uncivilized people determined to destroy it, and even dictating to that friend what they must do even if it results in that country’s destruction
  • appeasing followers of a bogus ‘religion’ as they act against the principles of our country and take advantage of our way of life even as they denounce it, by granting them special rights and privileges not given to others
  • taking God out of schools and public institutions for fear of offending the godless
  • perverting our institutions by granting special rights and privileges to a class many consider to be perverts
  • attacking Christians and Christianity by denying with the force of law rights and privileges not denied to others, even as we grant special accommodations to followers of bogus religion
  • the idea of a 'hate crime' which deserves greater punishment for the same criminal act as when done without 'hate' (what is a 'hate crime' anyway?)

I thought of many more things but I will save them for another time.

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