Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Some things I think I think

The next election is simple; in fact, "It’s as simple as A B C, anyone but Clinton". How about that for a bumper sticker?

Once again a single judge is able to thwart the will of the people. Despite many votes by Californians to retain the death penalty, a judge in San Francisco (where else?) has decided that the new lethal ‘cocktail’ used for executions, concocted after a previous court decided it didn't like the old one, does not pass muster because he found "executioners were not properly trained". Perhaps executioners just need to get more experience if judges would let them. How else should executioners ‘get experience’?

Bush’s nominee for Attorney General is still not good enough for Democrat advice-and- consenters in the senate. They won’t approve him until he agrees ‘water boarding’ is torture and should not be used to extract information from terrorists. Looks like the San Francisco judge that dropped the death penalty should be a Democrat shoo-in for the senate.

The drive for signatures to get the way California Electoral College members are elected changed has received new life due to Congressman Daryl Issa who has gotten behind the drive. The initiative would give each congressional district an electoral vote and would likely result in Republicans picking up 20 or more electoral votes in the presidential election. Even if the initiative fails, if it gets on the ballot it would cause the Democrats to spend a lot of money, and that’s not bad.

If you haven’t heard the latest Palestinian demand, you don’t know that a new demand for attending the Rice-a-roni Annapolis ‘peace’ meeting is an ultimatum for Israel to set a deadline for establishing a ‘Palestinian’ state. If Israel agrees to everything in advance, everyone can save travel and hotel money by canceling the Annapolis boondoggle. Of course, there won’t be a need for another ‘peace’ meeting because there won’t be an Israel.

Am I the only one who thinks Israel toying with slight cuts of supplies to Gaza is tokenism; a meager response to the daily rocket bombs Israel receives in return for providing terrorists with water, fuel and electricity? Why is Israel afraid to cut everything off until rocket bombs stop raining on Jews? Are they worried about world opinion?.

Diversity is like Forest Gump’s chocolates; you never know what you will get. Groups are complaining that California colleges and faculty are not sufficiently diverse. Forget about getting the best; let’s use a cookie cutter to reflect the assortment in our community. I do not believe that’s the way to make our country the best it can be.

I always wonder why we leave the selection of president and congress to the 10% to 20% of so-called 'independents' who don’t stand for anything. For heaven’s sake independents, learn what’s going on and stop sitting on the fence, you’ll only get splinters on your ass and we may wind up with the worst leading our country.

I wonder why the health care industry is contributing "more" to Democrats than Republicans (actually I wonder why they are contributing to Democrats at all). If Hillary and her kind (and ‘Ahnold’) have their way, there won’t be a health care industry, all we will have are those who work for the government one way or another.

The only good thing that the ridiculous action by New York Governor Eliot Spitzer to give driver licenses to illegal immigrants has done is to call attention to all the reasons why illegal immigrants should not be able to get driver licenses. Not only will illegal folks be able to drive in states that do not grant licenses to them, but a state license can be used for identification, to open bank accounts, to freely travel on airplanes, to go in and out of Canada until passports are required, etc.

If you are a wage earner paying social security taxes, you might want to think twice about voting Democrat for still another reason; a Democrat president will require paying social security taxes on all income, the cap will come off and ‘tax the rich’ juice will come out.

If Democrats can figure out a way to do it, voting ballots would be distributed to al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and all terrorists because they favor a Democrat win in the next election; ‘independents’ take note, do you want to join them?

An environmentally conscious suicide bomber used a bicycle instead of a gas guzzling car to get to where the crowds are to blow himself up and kill innocent people in Iraq. No doubt Nobel-prize winner Al Gore would applaud this environment sensitivity.

Speaking of environment sensitivity, Greg Jackson has raised 10 questions for the man-causes-global-warming crowd. One of these questions will be included in future posts for thoughtful reflection by global warming cultists and ‘independents’ from time-to-time. Here is the first one:

If carbon dioxide is responsible for increasing temperatures on earth, how do you explain the observed temperature increases on Mars (and Neptune) where there are no automobiles, airplanes, or industrial plants emitting CO2?

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