Monday, September 10, 2007

George Bush thinks he is Still in Texas and the Country Suffers for it

When George Bush was a Republican Governor of Texas, by all accounts he worked and played well with a Democrat state legislature. Bush spoke the same language as his ‘opponents’ and together they apparently achieved what was regarded as laudable legislative objectives. This experience in Texas has led George Bush to think he can work well with Democrats at all levels of government and that he can overcome political obstacles by the force of his personality, ‘steadfast’ resolve and powers of persuasion. Unfortunately for him and more importantly for us, Bush is wrong because he is now playing in a different playground.

Working with conservative Democrats in Texas is very different than working with a House and Senate led by liberal lawmakers like Pelosi and Reid. Democrats on the national stage are not Texas ‘gentlemen’; they lie, cheat and are willing to do anything to win, whether or not it’s good for the country. Also, they have the power of the national news media on their side to echo their lies, cover up their cheating and assist them in winning at all costs. George Bush, the straight shooter, is putty in their hands. President Bush does not realize they hate him with all their substantial might.

Of course, Bush himself is not blameless in this idiocy. George Bush forgot he is president and has the power to see that bad legislation does not become law. Thus, we have the McCain-Feingold usurpation of the First Amendment, incredible amounts of unnecessary government spending, shackles placed on our interrogators of terrorists, numerous good judicial prospects languishing in Senate-approval no man’s land, Mexican trucks able to traverse all of America with who knows what cargo and worst of all, a great likelihood that our Southern border will continue to be a sieve for illegal immigrants. Bush continues to believe that illegal immigrants already here should get amnesty and US citizenship as he works with the Democrat majorities in the Senate and House to this end.

On the world stage, the diminishing of President Bush by congressional Democrats has excited our committed enemies and those that should have been by our side against terror and Islamic Fascism. What does it say when our enemies praise and repeat the Democrat criticism of Bush and the Iraq war? Syrian Information Minister Dr. Moshe Bilal said in an interview with al-Jazeera, after noting that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opposes the war in Iraq, "this lady has made the word of the American people audible, he added, "and this is very comfortable." Recently even that icon of the 'Religion of Peace', Osama bin Laden, was expressing Democrat talking points to the world. Can the Democrats be proud they have friends in all the wrong places?

The United States is the worse for the Iraq war-bashing by Democrats. Perhaps if George Bush had realized he is no longer in Texas and fought the good conservative fight instead of trying to mollify his political and news media critics for the last six-plus years, we would still have a government of which conservatives could be proud and which our enemies feared.

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