Monday, September 17, 2007

Hillary, not so “pretty in pink” as she tries to evade the Law

Joseph Birkenstock is a former counsel for the Democrat National Committee so we can believe he speaks the current party line, especially for Senator Hillary Clinton in her campaign for the party’s nomination. Birkenstock, like many others in the Hillary camp, is concerned that the Norman Hsu illegal campaign donations scandal will roost on Hillary’s shoulders.

In an attempt to ‘save’ Hillary from the fate she deserves, Birkenstock is reported to have said “… it would be unfair to link her presidential campaign to 12-year old instances of money laundering and Lincoln Bedroom sleepovers for Major Democratic campaign donors”. [This is actually quite an admission about Bill Clinton’s terms of office which, of course, the news media did not pick up on.]

Birkenstock and Hillary supporters, in the words Hillary uttered when questioning General Petraeus, seem to ask us to “suspend disbelief” when we hear the Hillary campaign spin asking us to not paint Hillary with the same brush of unethical conduct justly used on her husband, former president Bill Clinton. In this instance the known illegal contribution by Hsu to Hillary Clinton was $850,000 (Hsu used straw donors to contribute to Hillary's campaign, after which Hsu reimbursed them in violation of federal law); who knows how much more illegal money Hillary received that still has not surfaced.

Norman Hsu has a history of coming to the aid of the Democrat party; so with this background and Hillary’s history as a political micro-manager, it is inconceivable that she did not know that political donations by Hsu and others like him were illegal. After pledging to return $850,000 contributed by fugitive fundraiser Norman Hsu, Senator Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign vowed "to do more rigorous background checks of big donors". However, some law enforcement officials say the former first lady should have known about Hsu, in view of the routine background checks conducted by the U.S. Secret Service on protected persons like Hillary.

"I would absolutely be shocked if the protective intelligence division of the Secret Service was not fully aware of Mr. Hsu's background”, said Carl Rowan, a federal agent with both the FBI and the U.S. Marshals for a decade. In an interview Rowan also said "It is standard operating procedure to run the names and Social Security numbers of anyone who will be close to the protectee”; and further, "Besides the safety concerns, the Secret Service works hard to avoid embarrassing situations for the protectee."

Hsu was a member of the board for the New School University in New York, where he worked with Bernard L. Schwartz. Schwartz has been a major donor to the Clintons. Schwartz was also chief executive officer of Loral Space and Communications, the defense contractor involved in technology transfers to the People's Republic of China that accelerated China’s development of space-age weapons, (congressional report released in 1999). Hsu was also co-chairman of an event honoring the late Robert F. Kennedy last October; at which Bill Clinton thanked the Democrat benefactors, “especially our friend Norman Hsu”.

Is Norman Hsu guilty of illegally contributing to Hillary Clinton; what do you think? Why did Hsu skip out on a $1 million bond if not to avoid testifying or prosecution?

The arrogance of Hillary Clinton and her crowd is staggering. The American public is supposed to accept the most inane comments and explanations of facts that reveal Hillary and Bill for the charlatans and liars they really are. Unfortunately, too many people buy into this nonsense; we can only hope voters will come to their senses in voting booths.

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