Friday, September 28, 2007

If we ratify LOST, we will ‘lose’ our sovereignty

President Bush continues to amaze me and not in a good way. After Bush was elected in 2004, he said he would spend his political capital to reform Social Security. What capital Bush had was wasted on this aborted effort. Then in the Bush second term he compromised with Democrats, approved excessive spending, was used as a punching bag for liberals in congress and the media without defending himself, advocated an immigration plan disapproved by the public, let the borders stay open and did not use allocated money to build a border wall. If all that wasn’t bad enough, Bush secretly assisted development of a North American Union. In short, Bush betrayed the conservatives who elected him.

Now President Bush wants to work with Democrat Senator Joe Biden, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, to give up even more U.S. sovereignty by supporting the Law of the Sea Treaty, ironically referred to as “LOST”. President Ronald Reagan rejected LOST in 1982 because the treaty would subject the United States to bureaucratic United Nations control, but George Bush is no Ronald Reagan.

What is LOST? - It is the ‘one world globalist’ dream. The treaty would subject the United States to the authority of the United Nations and its affiliated organizations over the oceans of the world and would give the United Nations total control of the riches of the sea bottom to use to redistribute wealth to other countries. LOST has been approved by 155 countries and President Bush wants to add the United States to the list. The world’s most corrupt institution will have the ability to line the pockets of Third World dictators, and its own administrators, by use of American technology and investments to extract wealth from the oceans. Given its history of corruption, it makes no sense to endow the UN with such power over the United States and the wealth in the seabeds.

An International Seabed Authority (ISA) has been created by LOST. It has jurisdiction over all oceans and everything in them, including “solid, liquid or gaseous resources”. The treaty also gives the ISA authority to impose international taxes, euphemistically called “royalties and fees”. LOST would subject the United States military and business operations to “mandatory” dispute-resolution by the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in Hamburg, Germany, which will be unfriendly to America.

Since all LOST agencies are United Nation organizations, the UN Secretary General will essentially be involved in administering the treaty and this person will have enormous international authority.

President Bush says we need LOST to protect our interest in the oceans of the world and to assure the American Navy can sail wherever it needs to go, but the Navy can already go anywhere it wants and we must keep it that way. If we join LOST we will be bound by the decisions of international bureaucrats and not our own government.

Another argument made by supporters of LOST is that the treaty is necessary to protect us against claims by Russia to the oil under the North Pole, but if we sign onto LOST we would have to accept the decisions of a Tribunal created by 155 countries, most of whom are anti-American. Furthermore the Russian claim is nonsensical; a 13-year old boy in Finland exposed the Russian fraud by pointing out that the pictures shown on Russian television of a Russian submarine at the sea bottom of the North Pole were clips taken from the movie ‘Titanic’.

The best protection of American interests in the world’s oceans is the U.S. Navy. We should not and we must not subject the Navy to UN regulations, the ISA or the International Tribunal. Freedom of the seas for our Navy is our right; the U.S. Navy stands between us and our enemies - those in the world that envy our freedom and way of life.

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