Sunday, September 30, 2007

U.S. Supreme Court to decide important cases this fall term

Every fall a list of cases to be decided by the United States Supreme Court in the fall to spring term is announced and those of us that want freedom and not government control of our lives wait for the list to see what will happen to us this time with eager, if not frightful, anticipation. This year is no exception.

To me the most important case to be decided is whether states have a right to require showing legitimate photo-IDs to vote. This would seem to be a ‘no-brainer’ but as might be expected the left objects to this as ‘suppression of the right to vote’ (as kids used to day – “gag me with a spoon”). Who do the left think will have there right to vote ‘suppressed’, illegal immigrants and those not having the right to vote anyway?

Unfortunately, with the Supreme Court divided as it is, Justice Kennedy will likely cast the swing vote, and his voting record in cases like this is not commendable. It astonishes me that on the rare occasions when Republicans control congress and the white house, high court selections like Souter, O’Conner and Kennedy are made. Just think, if we had real conservatives like Roberts, Alito, Scalia and Thomas in their place, what a difference our legal system would be today.

Another case of importance to the fundamental war of resistance to terrorism concerns whether detainees in Guantanamo have rights like US citizens. Again, it is the leftists that challenge our country’s effort to keep known terrorists from being freed so they can kill Americans again. Should terrorists apprehended on the battlefield have a right to challenge their detention in US courts, I think not. Bush and congress also agree with me but in our current domestic and foreign anti-American environment there are those that will support terrorists over common sense.

Of course there are other pending cases important at least to those involved but without the fervor of those previously mentioned. In one case some do-gooders are worried that crack cocaine pushers, who are mostly black for some reason, should or should not get longer sentences than those ‘merely selling cocaine’, who presumably are not mostly black.

Death row inmates claim that death by legal injection is unconstitutional because it is painful. We have abolished the electric chair and now legal injection is no good; Dr. Kevorkian where are you when you are needed? Let’s see; we have gone from hanging and firing squads to something else, perhaps we should let the Muslims decide.

In another inexplicable move by President Bush, the administration is taking the side of a Mexican national who is on death row and wants to set aside the Texas death penalty he received in this case because Bush says it conflicts with an international treaty. Can you imagine what will happen to the death penalty if Bush has his way and we enter into the Security and Prosperity Partnership agreement (‘SPP’), then all murderers from Mexico and Canada can escape the death penalty because Mexico and Canada don’t sentence murderers to death.

A Louisiana case is at the Supreme Court to decide if black murderers are entitled to have blacks on their juries. Apparently non-black jurors are not expected to be impartial and weigh evidence in black murder cases as well as black jurors can; O.J. Simpson is expected to testify for the black man appealing this decision.

However, one of the scariest cases that may come before the Supreme Court this year concerns the Washington D.C. hand gun ban (the court hasn’t decided yet if it will take this case). The lower court said the hand gun ban was unconstitutional (Second Amendment you know), but those that do not think we should have a right to defend ourselves if we face the possibility of injury by an assailant before the cops arrive, don’t want us to do so. I guess they want us to negotiate with the felon and hope for the best.

The framers of the Constitution had a good idea to divide power among three branches of government. Too bad they didn’t count on folks like Pelosi and the Democrat House Committee Chairmen, Reid, Schumer, Durbin, Souter, Breyer, Ginsburg and Stevens coming along to screw things up.

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