Tuesday, September 11, 2007

God, Please Save Our Country from Ourselves

Nuclear weapons possessed by Iran would threaten the world; seemingly, everyone agrees. The other rogue nation, North Korea, has nuclear weapons but does not pose a direct threat to the world because China would not permit North Korea to use them. Nonetheless, North Korea is a serious problem because of its ability to transfer technology and materiel to terrorists, something that an unrestrained nuclear Iran would not be reluctant to do.

Iran with nuclear weapons is a direct threat. Their leaders have stated unequivocally intentions to destroy Israel and to cooperate with other terrorists that want to destroy western countries and institutions. Moreover, Iran is uniquely positioned geopolitically to inflict great damage and hardship to the economies of other countries by interfering with the free flow of oil from the mid-east, and by supporting terrorists in both Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as in the Hamas-led Palestine.

Why then is the world so divided regarding how to confront this threat from Iran?

There are many reasons for the lack of agreement. France does not have the quality of character to do or support anything meaningful and will ‘soon’ (actually, in the not-to-distant future) be itself a Muslim state; Germany, unlike in the ‘30’s has no national character to advance; and Russia seems to think it can outwit the Islamic radicals by playing with a double-edged sword. Italy has changed governments; electing a liberal sort who will probably think Italy ‘just has to understand’ the terrorists, be kind to them, ignore Israel, and everything will be all right. China, for the most part, could care less; it knows no one will mess with China. China has a masterful way to deal with Islamic radicals they think might impact their system, they simply kill them and there is nobody around to complain or bring a law suit. The only short-sightedness of the China policy toward radical Islam is that after Islam wins, there will be no civilized society left in the world for China to play with. So that leaves the United States.

At the present time, but not indefinitely, our country is the only force that can affect, or halt, the world’s head-long rush to destruction that would likely result from a nuclear, radical Islamic state – Iran. Will the United States act to preserve itself? The answer is not clear.

A nation divided in itself; politically, militarily or philosophically, cannot prevail in any conflict. Today there are forces at work in the United States that, intentionally or unintentionally, undermine our national resolve to protect itself against adversity and destruction. We see this in many aspects of our nation’s challenges. Efforts to protect our borders are attacked and disparaged; no matter that all other countries have the right and national will to do so. Our president and the government he leads are constantly bombarded by the opposition and the liberal news media with acts of senseless criticism the critics attempt to portray as ‘patriotism’. Incredibly, the most corrupt and banal leadership in the nation’s history that President Bush replaced is lauded here and the world over while the present United States government and its leaders are ridiculed. Every act of heroism by our country’s fighting men and women are ignored by the press and media while every opportunity to criticize, no matter how absurd, is seized. How then can the United States take any unilateral action to combat Islamic Fascism and the prospect of an Iran with nuclear weapons?

The Democrat propaganda machine will do everything in its power to deny America of its ability to defend itself, not for philosophical reasons, but to acquire the power it so desperately craves after losing several elections. Despicable though this may be, the unfortunate truth is that perfidy may succeed, and the United States may lose.

We need another Ronald Magnus or, at least, an uncorrupt Spiro Agnew to put the ‘nattering nabobs’ in their place. George Bush sometimes shows a glimmer of Toledo steel but too often it is overshadowed by his own confused warriors. It is ironic indeed that there is no doubt what our leaders of yesteryear would do, and with full support of all Americans. That seems not possible in today’s "advanced" politically correct society.

Let us all pray to God we will somehow be saved – so we may save the world.

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