Friday, September 7, 2007

Some things I think I think, revisited

Sometime ago I wrote columns under this title with various thoughts about different things that I tried to share with others. Back by popular demand (meaning, I would like to try this again now that I have my very own blog outlet), I will intersperse some of these columns among my regular articles that appear on this page. As always, I welcome your comments whether you agree with me or not. So, here is my first one for Vincent’s blog.

Some things I think I think

It’s difficult to imagine, but Human Rights Watch, that beacon of impartiality, has condemned Israel for conducting the war against Hezbollah in Lebanon (which Hezbollah provoked) “with reckless indifference to the fate of Lebanese civilians and violated the laws of war”. I guess I missed that course in law school so I didn’t know there is a ‘law of war’; stupid me, I thought the object of war was to win, not to avoid getting a police citation.

I am confused about how public schools are run. We can’t have children pray, we can’t have Boy Scouts use school facilities, but we can have a public Arabic school to teach Arabic and Arab culture in New York City?

There are so many things to be confused about; Senator Larry Craig, a possible bisexual, had to resign his elected office because he went to public toilet frequented by homosexuals, but Representative Barney Frank housed a homosexual prostitute and is made chairman of an important committee in Congress. Tom Delay, reviled by congressional Democrats, has to leave office because he is indicted by a Democrat hack District Attorney (but not convicted), but William Jefferson, Democrat from Louisiana, is found with unexplained ‘cold’ cash in his freezer, and he is still in office.

Being afflicted with ‘DRS’ (Don’t Remember Stuff), I forget where I put things from time-to-time. However, forgetting where you put Cruise missiles with nuclear warheads is really special. It’s too bad that Air Force officers are not screened for DRS.

I had some dogs and cats (and horses) that I really cared for a lot but not enough to leave them any money, let alone $12 million if I had it. Leona Helmsley loved her Maltese so much, she did just that. Her brother declined to take care of the pooch even though it is endowed with a fortune. I wonder how I can apply for the job.

Friends of friends of jailed lobbyist Jack Abramoff are still facing criminal investigation or worse. Yet foreign nationals that give money to Billy and Hilly or Algore, which is against the law, escape any legal retribution, and what is worse, Billy, Hilly and Algore, the recipients of illegal largesse, are not only not investigated, they do not receive any criminal or political penalties. The latest donation scandal involving a political donor to Hilly, a Chinese man named Hsu, skipped out on a $2 million bond to avoid having to explain. I understand Nevada bookies are taking bets as to whether Hsu is still alive. Perhaps if Hsu lives, George Bush can ask his Chinese hosts about him when George visits during the 2008 Olympics.

I wonder if there are no people in the United States that are better qualified to be president than those seeking the nomination by the Democrat and Republican parties. Except for Ronald Reagan, I can’t remember when I was able to vote for a candidate, rather than against someone.

Another sleep-depriving thought I have often is whether Israel can survive the Olmert administration. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that politicians in Israel are no different than Democrats in the United States that want to stay in office and retain political power even if the country suffers for this vanity.

Well that’s it for now; I will keep on thinking about things I think I think and will let you know when I have some to share.

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TruthLover said...

Because of all these gross inequities in justice in the news there must be powerful shadows in the background that are contravening normalcy.

Now, I know, many people have not bought into the conspiracy theories but what else would explain these inequities? There is no justice, just us. Money, position and power is what counts. A powerful locomotive moving down the track with good folks throwing themselves in front of it trying to stop it.

"Blessed are they who hunger for justice, for they will have their fill."

It may be bleak, but it isn't over until the fat lady sings. And, I can only guess, but I think God is anything but happy with what He is looking at on His earthly stage.

It is written that people will run to the mountains and ask them to fall on them. This, when the King of Kings returns.