Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Musings of a frustrated 'global warming denier'

It’s very frustrating to continuously read about prominent political figures jumping on the ‘global warming’ train run amok despite clear evidence that, although warming of the planet is likely occurring, nothing humans do will affect the global climate one iota.

Recently two well known leaders have pronounced that we living breathing human beings are responsible for global warming; they say we must change our way of life by reducing carbon dioxide emissions or our planet is doomed. One of the men will affect our pocket book and the other is focusing on our souls.

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vehemently subscribes to the ‘global warming is caused by humans’ theory and will make the state and residents poorer for his vision. Even Pope Benedict has jumped on the same bandwagon and proclaimed it is a "moral obligation" to alleviate global warming which he and the governor seem to believe civilized societies are causing; notwithstanding that it is the developing countries like China and India who are most responsible for air pollution, and air pollution is confused with contributing to the planet’s warming trend.

The results of our warming climate will eventually indeed be catastrophic; rising sea levels affecting coastal areas, climate shifts with loss of some living organisms, changing weather patterns causing drought, etc., but it is ridiculously naïve to believe that a planet that has historically passed through extraordinary warming and cooling periods due to external forces, such as changed solar conditions and meteor collisions with planet earth, all without human intervention, could now be affected by changing light bulbs, changing fuel for internal combustion engines and power plants, decreasing use of abundant coal resources in favor of as-yet-undeveloped technology and, basically, changing our way of life.

Governor Schwarzenegger has managed to have a law passed that at sometime in the future will prohibit California from purchasing electric power produced by plants using coal or oil produced from coal (e.g. Canada’s tar sands); imagine the enormous increase in electric power costs that Californians will sustain because of this restriction and how badly our economy will suffer; also imagine how this will greatly increase dependency on oil from unreliable enemies of our country in the Middle East.

Of course it is not just California that will be victimized by the global warming alarmists; the United Nations is mounting a world-wide effort to change the way people in civilized countries live so as to ‘protect the planet’. Since many of the UN member countries are not far from the Stone Age, why would they not want to see countries like the United States brought down a peg or two or a million pegs?

In my view claims that global warming is influenced by humans is a ploy to destroy countries like the United States; historical enemies of capitalist democracies like communists of old have resurfaced as fanatic environmentalists and have been joined and supported by the domestic and foreign anti-America news media and some in governments here and abroad. Say if you like this is the ranting of a ‘black helicopter’ conspiracist but how else can one explain the enormous pressure put on America to sign onto Kyoto-like treaties that would destroy our economy and our quality of life despite an absence of scientific proof of the need to do so?

Scientific evidence supporting the view earthly climate changes are not due to man is voluminous. More and more reputable actual scientists, not political scientists, are coming forward with reports explaining the ‘real world’ phenomena that cause planet climate changes such as are occurring now and have occurred before. These phenomena are responsible for both extreme cooling and warming cycles which the earth has been experiencing for eons. Only mind-clouded politicians with dubious agendas refuse to study this information because they cannot legitimately respond and for fear they will have to reverse their path to global governance or be made out to seem even more foolish than they are now.

There is also huge confusion between ‘air pollution’ and ‘global warming’. Air pollution is indeed harmful to health and can and should be addressed; but many erroneously believe air pollution causes global warming. Carbon dioxide is not a harmful pollutant; in fact, it is emitted by exhaling. Trees take in carbon dioxide and discharge oxygen which life forms breathe in. Excessive carbon dioxide may have some undesirable effect on the environment as a pollutant but warming the planet is not one of them. There are many other more damaging pollutants that should be controlled for health reasons, such as nitrogen compounds and particulate matter, but these also do not contribute to atmospheric warming.

The long and short of it is anything that man may do to the planet does not compare to what external forces have done; mother earth has survived them all and will survive us too.

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